Adventist History Podcast

This podcast tells the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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episode 1: (S1, E1): In the Beginning

In this introductory episode, we examine the religious and national environment which lent their DNA to the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Adventist History Podcast is a monthly podcast telling a story of the Seventh-day Adventist Ch


 2014-10-22  19m

episode 2: (S1, E2): William Miller, part 1

In this episode, we'll meet the spiritual father of Seventh-day Adventism, William Miller. Even though he never came to become a Seventh-day Adventist himself, the church nevertheless appreciates his role. Listen: Sup


 2014-11-22  19m

episode 3: (S1, E3): William Miller, part 2

In this episode, we trace William Miller's path from his conversion to Christianity through his process of discovering that the world will end "about 1843."


 2014-12-22  28m

episode 4: (S1, E4): Disappointment

In this episode, we discover whether or not Jesus ever came back in March of 1844...dun! dun! dun!...and then we discover that he did not. And then we wonder if he will come back in 1844 at all...and then we discover that...oh, you get the point. Listen:


 2015-01-22  19m

episode 5: (S1, E5): Phoenix

In this episode, we see how Miller's followers handled the disappointment and examine some of the answers they tossed around. We also take a better look at Joseph Bates, which is always a treat. Listen: Support: https:


 2015-02-22  27m

episode 6: (S1, E6): Sabbath

In this episode, we will catch up with Joseph Bates and see how he learned about the biggest idea he would bequeath to the future Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The Adventist History Podcast is a monthly podcast telling a story of the Seventh-day Adventi


 2015-03-22  21m

episode 6: Interview - Kevin Burton and the Buck's Bridge Painting

Matthew interviews Kevin Burton, a PhD candidate (abd) at Florida State University whose dissertation focuses on Millerite and sabbatarian abolitionists. He's in New York doing fantastic research when he made a providential discovery: an elusive painting


 2019-06-16  31m

episode 7: (S1, E7): James and Ellen

In this episode, we officially meet James White and Ellen Harmon, the two other co-founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Of course, Joseph Bates makes a cameo (it's in his contract). The Adventist History Podcast is a monthly podcast telling a st


 2015-04-23  44m

episode 7: Special Episode - GoYe - The Adventist Board Game

Matthew chats with Kyle Morrison, an Aussie Adventist pastor who developed an Adventist board game where you try to colonize the world with Adventism until Jesus comes. Basically... it's real life. Check out the game when it launches on kickstarter. Mean


 2019-07-04  25m

episode 7: Interview - Tanya Musgrave

Come hang out for a conversation with Tanya Musgrave, creative director of Good to Go Media and photographer extraordinaire! Good to Go Media: CoLab Conference:


 2019-07-16  43m