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Where Have You Been, Ian Coates?

When it comes to getting sidetracked, Ian Coates is what some might call an expert. In 1999, he went on a four month motorcycle trip that lasted fourteen years and a few years ago he went for a day ride that took him a year. He’s actually been on...



The Final Chapter of Southward Chronicles | Back Country Discovery Routes

This is the final chapter in the Southward Chronicles series where we followed Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West as they rode from Canada to Ushuaia. What’s it like to get back to normal life now that their year long adventure has come to an end and what...



Rider Skills: Mud Riding Tips and Tricks - Chris Birch

If you’re going to ride in the mud with your adventure bike you’re going to need some specific skills for it. You’ll need to approach it differently than hard packed dirt and you really should be prepping your bike for it ahead of time. Mud...



Choosing Motorcycle Brake Pads - What is Brake Fade?

If you’ve found yourself staring at the brake pad offerings for your motorcycle, wondering why the huge price difference between one over another or what the difference is between organic pads and sintered pads, you’re not alone. It’s a...



The Outback Way - The Longest Shortcut

The in Australia, also known as the Longest Shortcut, is a 2800 km trail passing through remote areas which means any adventurous off-roaders need to be prepared for anything, including a medical emergency. Retired school teacher, Doug Mullett,...


 2020-08-20  1h6m

Vladivostok to Bulgaria - Navigating a World of Language Incommunicado

They called their group ‘The Siberian Seven’, the brainchild of retired rancher Kym Osborne and his wife, Lenore from Australia. Looking to step up their motorcycle adventures the plan was to travel to foreign countries where they couldn’t...


 2020-08-13  1h43m

Every Beginning Has an Ending - Even Motorcycle Trips

When we last spoke with Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West in April, they were stuck in Uruguay for what they thought might be at least another month, possibly longer because of the pandemic. But, after several months, they’ve decided that it’s time to...


 2020-08-07  55m

Rider Skills: How to Skid Steer Your Motorcycle - Jimmy Lewis

Being in control of your motorcycle builds your confidence and more importantly also makes you a safer rider, especially when things go pear shaped. Riding instructor, Jimmy Lewis, teaches us how to skid the rear wheel of our bikes for steering. In...


 2020-07-31  1h13m

Purpose Driven Planning for Moto Adventures Close To Home | Offbeat Adventure Collection - Greg Frazier

Long, short, cross country, group, solo and around the world trips. The choices are endless… but what if you’re time constricted yet want to do something fantastic and memorable, especially if you have to plan around work? This is where purpose...


 2020-07-24  1h10m

Understanding the Motorcycle Tube - T.J. Tennent

Spoked wheels offer some advantages to the adventure rider, namely they are more flexible and forgiving in the rough stuff which is why most adventure bikes on the market have them. But that flexibility comes at a cost - and that’s what inside the...


 2020-07-17  37m