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Rider Skills: 4 Top Water Crossing Mistakes Made by Adventure Riders

The top 4 water crossing mistakes from an expert multi-certified motorcycle instructor, off-road rider and total motorcycle enthusiast. According to Clinton Smout, there are some common mistakes that are often repeated in photos and videos, repeated...


 2020-03-26  59m

A Message About How We are Responding to Coronavirus

In these uncertain and unique times, Coronavirus is having an impact on the lives of everyone around the world. And we want to share with you how we are responding to Covid-19 at Adventure Rider Radio. 


 2020-03-23  1h28m

Travel Restrictions & Border Shutdown in Bolivia - No Plans to Go Home Yet

Michnus and Elsebie Olivier have been travelling by motorcycle for a decade and it all started when they took a trip around Africa and just kept going. They’ve been in South America for about two years now, and they say that they have no plans to go...


 2020-03-19  1h17m

Remote Rescue at the Push of a Button

What happens when an adventure ride is going well and feeling great, until it’s not? When a mishap, medical issue or an off changes everything and you think you might need help? Have you ever wondered what constitutes an emergency, and when it’s...


 2020-03-13  1h24m

Sam Manicom - Life on a Bike

Sam Manicom is a world traveler, motorcycle adventurer, author, writer and presenter. And he’s one of the most well known names in the adventure motorcycle industry. He spent eight years traveling around the world, has written four books and shares...


 2020-03-06  1h41m

Patagonia Winds & Falling Out of Love With the KLR

On this episode Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West are flattened, literally, by the winds of Patagonia. They encounter wild animals in a place they least expected, blow up their travel budget, experience beauty like that which they have never seen before....


 2020-02-27  1h14m

Essential ADV Tools and Skills for Remote Riding

Jim Hyde, founder of RawHyde Adventures, talks about the essential tools and skills every motorcycle adventurer needs for remote riding. And John Bestfather, a wilderness guide and paramedic from the Yukon in Canada, talks about what should be in your...


 2020-02-21  1h22m

Bill Dragoo - Driven For Adventure

If the name Bill Dragoo makes you think about DART - Dragoo Adventure Rider Training - and high level learning - well that makes sense. Because Bill has earned himself a top reputation in the world of adventure motorcycling as a skilled rider and top...


 2020-02-14  1h8m

Motorcycle Group Travel - Lessons Learned From Things Gone Wrong

On this episode we talk about group riding, the things that can go wrong, do go wrong and the lessons learned with Dan Collins, who runs Fresh Tracks, a company that focuses on team building, Rene Cormier, founder and guide at Renedian Adventures and...


 2020-02-07  1h36m

Rider Skills: How to Tow and Bump Start Your Motorcycle

On this episode of Rider Skills we talk with Clinton Smout about how to tow a motorcycle and bump start your bike. And we also discuss a specially designed tow strap made just for motorcycles that may help solve the main challenges of towing....


 2020-01-31  51m