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Mondo Sahara with Austin Vince

Chasing Breadcrumbs through the Sahara Desert with Austin Vince


 2014-10-14  47m

Simon Pavey - Back to Dakar & Exclusive Off Road Tips for Adventure Rider Radio

Simon Pavey goes back to Dakar for 2015. Simon has off road tips and talks about Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor on Long Way Round.


 2014-09-24  1h23m

ADV Rider Jeremy Kroeker, HUBB Travelers Meeting in Ontario Canada

Jeremy Kroeker, author, traveler, speaker talks about his two renowned books while ARR host Jim Martin visits the Ontario HUBB meeting in Parry Sound


 2014-09-17  43m

Border Crossings with Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited

How to handle border crossings, muggers, fixers, bribes, cons and other border problems.


 2014-09-08  1h9m

Lisa Morris & Jason Spafford Adventure / Graham Field Tank Box

Lisa Morris / Jason Spafford & Graham Field. Lisa Morris began in 2012 as a new rider only to jump in with both feet with her partner and experienced rider Jason Spafford. Did she manage to cope and if so, how. Listen-in. Also Graham Field may...


 2014-09-01  1h20m

2 Ride the World - Part 2 Simon & Lisa Thomas / Harold Cecil from Giant Loop

Simon & Lisa Thomas continued... Tire talk, broken bridges = broken neck.


 2014-08-25  1h36m

Ryan Pile's Adventures in China. Easy Chain Adjustment on Tech Talk

Ryan Pyle's Circumnavigates China by Motorcycle Ryan Pyle Adventurer / Presenter / Producer / Photographer  Motorcycle adventurer, award winning photographer, public speaker, documentary film maker Ryan Pyle circumnavigates China....


 2014-08-18  1h13m

Graham Field - Documenting My Life / Tire Talk with Continental Tire - Jeff Reid

Motorcycle adventurer Graham Field on documenting his life, two books and unconventional trip funding. Continental Tires tire talk


 2014-08-11  1h11m

Part 2 - Sam Manicom, Traveller, Motorcyclist, Author, Writer, Speaker, Adventurer - His Travel and Motorcycle Tips

Part 2 - Sam Manicom - Motorcycle Adventurer, Author and Writer Talks about his Adventures, Motorcycle and more.


 2014-08-05  1h19m

Part 1 - Sam Manicom, Traveler, Motorcyclist, Author & Grant Johnson on Bike Set-up from Horizons Unlimited

Sam Manicom, Traveler, Motorcyclist, Author & Grant Johnson on Bike Set-up from Horizons Unlimited


 2014-08-05  1h33m