Aggressive Negotiations: A Star Wars Podcast

Aggressive Negotiations: A Star Wars Podcast is the home of the Parsec Award winning show that ponders the deep meanings and intricate workings of the Saga. It's nothing but pure Star Wars goodness each week!

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Issue 303: Thanksgungan 2022

Thanksgungan 2022. Once more the crisp nights and bright days turn our gaze toward all the things for which we’re thankful, with a special focus on our Star Wars fandom. Join Matt and John as they carve through their special recipe for thankfulness...



Issue 302: The Bad Batch Commentary: Replacements

The Bad Batch Commentary: Replacements. Matt and John give their commentary for The Bad Batch’s third episode from season 1, “Replacements.” Duty, Honor, Trust and the Incremental Erosion of Freedom all come into play as the themes gain even more...



Issue 301: The Bad Batch Commentary: Cut and Run

The Bad Batch Commentary: Cut and Run. John and Matt give their commentary for The Bad Batch’s second episode from season 1, “Cut and Run". Host John Mills and Matthew Rushing Send us your feedback! Twitter: @TheJediMasters Facebook:...



Issue 300: The Bad Batch Commentary: Aftermath

The Bad Batch Commentary: Aftermath. Matt and John celebrate 300 episodes as well as Star Wars: The Bad Batch winning the Saturn Award for best animated series by starting their commentary collection with the first episode, Aftermath! Host...



Issue 299: Rebellious Morality

Rebellious Morality. John and Matt discuss the question of the morality shown by the rebellion in the Andor series, and whether it’s a necessary reflection of our conflicted natures or too much a divergence from the clearer lessons of Lucas’ films....


 2022-10-13  30m

Issue 298: More Star Wars Stories

More Star Wars Stories. SPECIAL HURRICANE EDITION Inspired by the highly-anticipated debut of “Andor,” Matt and John discuss other characters whose arcs would be interesting to explore, and the opportunities they carry for world building with...


 2022-09-28  30m

Issue 297: Are the Jedi Evil?

Are the Jedi Evil? Inspired by a topic on the roster from this year’s DragonCon, John and Matt wrestle with the question, “Are the Jedi Evil?” Their debate looks at all aspects of the question, but most especially what clear indicators the story...


 2022-09-20  28m

Issue 296: If Obi-Wan Negotiated

If Obi-Wan Negotiated. John and Matt ponder an interesting possibility from the “What If?” library of Star Wars possibilities and look at what might have happened if Obi-Wan Kenobi decided to “stand down” like Dooku demanded in Episode II during...


 2022-09-13  20m

Issue 295: Book Club: The Only Witness

Book Club: The Only Witness. Matt and John return to Jude Watson’s prequel era books focused on Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan with the penultimate book in the series’ regular run, “The Only Witness.“ They explore Watson’s continued ability to craft...


 2022-09-06  33m

Issue 294: Star Wars Labor Laws

Star Wars Labor Laws. Matt and John tackle the question of Labor Laws in the Galaxy Far Far Away and the implications for the bureaucratic apparatus and political machines of the Old Republic, the Empire, and the New Republic. Then they dive deep...


 2022-08-23  31m