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APG 020 – Does Size Matter? (hotel rooms, that is!)

We discuss two high-profile fuel starvation incidents, more reasons to keep your seat belts fastened, hotel rooms, record-setting level of safety achieved in 2011, listener feedback, and much more! I'm "Capt. Jeff" on Facebook,


 2012-01-20  1h20m

APG 019 – Fatigued

Deck the Halls with new pilot rest rules, electronics, electronics, electronics, near mid-air collision in MIA, listener feedback, and more! Links discussed in this episode Audio/video of Near Mid-Air at MIA I'm "Capt. Jeff" on Facebook,


 2011-12-31  58m

APG 018 – Merry Christmas!

FAA Chief resigns, Alec Baldwin kicked off jet, AF 447 update, and listener feedback. Hoping you and yours have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Links discussed in this episode I'm "Capt. Jeff" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter.


 2011-12-21  1h6m

APG 017 – Spinning

Fuel starvation crash, Indonesian bugs, inflight porn, exploding cell phone, spins, and more! Feedback from Brian, Jeff, Todd, Koppa, Paul, Ron, Jen and others. Links discussed in this episode Aerodynamic Spins I'm "Capt. Jeff" on Facebook,


 2011-11-30  1h3m

APG 016 – Bathroom Terror

This is the Captain speaking... Help! Let me out of this bathroom! Yes, we discuss the embarrassing moments aboard the Chautauqua Airlines Flight when the captain was stuck inside of the lav, porn on Ryan Air, Pinnacle emails,


 2011-11-18  59m

APG 015 – Good Landing, but…

LOT 767 gear up landing: great landing, good judgement? The Jet Blue Blues? More aviation news, and your feedback. Links discussed in this episode LOT 767 Gear Up Landing Secrets of Pan Am I'm "Capt. Jeff" on Facebook,


 2011-11-08  1h5m

APG 014 – Icing Hazards

In this episode, we discuss a couple of incidents involving airframe and prop icing. Feedback from Sean, Lyle, Si, Erik, Bryan, and Micky. Links discussed in this episode Sean McCarney's Just a Catholic Dad podcast Wikipedia article on icing


 2011-10-22  1h8m

APG 013 – He's Back!

Nope. I did not fall off of the radar screen! We have some catching up to do! Links discussed in this episode Rethinking Hydration: A Pilot's Perspective Jordan Leslie's Italiaaero Blog I'm "Capt. Jeff" on Facebook,


 2011-10-14  44m

APG 012 – We Remember

A tribute to the ten year anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


 2011-09-14  27m

APG 011 – Cockpit Crisis

Live, from Norfolk, VA, it's the Airline Pilot Guy Show! More talk about re-thinking the role of automation in airline cockpits, and placing more emphasis on manual flying skills during training. Pilot bathroom breaks, hurricanes, earthquakes,


 2011-09-02  1h9m