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Commentary and discussion focusing on featured articles from the American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology.


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JAPANESE LANGUAGE PODCAST: Gender Differences in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure

Do we need to better understand gender differences in order to understand the pathophysiology of heart failure? Yes, according to a new study by ...


 2016-03-14  16m

Sitting and Endothelial Dysfunction

Is a stand-desk healthier for your arteries? Listen to this intriguing new podcast about endothelial dysfunction due to a reduction in blood flow and ...


 2016-03-07  12m

Development of a NRF2 Knockout Rat

How can we develop a deeper understanding of the regulation and activation of NRF2 in order to target therapies that depend on the inhibition ...


 2016-02-23  12m

BRS-3 Regulation of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Just what are the contributions of bombesin-like receptor 3 to blood pressure regulation? Listen as Associate Editor Debra I. Diz (Wake Forest University School of ...


 2016-02-16  13m

Metabolic Syndrome and Cerebral Vascular Function

Riddle me this: if you were going to be stuck on an island with only one drug, which drug offers “the best bang for ...


 2016-02-04  14m

Determinants of Intra-cardiac Kinetic Energy

What do we know about the kinetic energy of intra-cardiac blood flow during the two phases of the cardiac cycle? Virtually nothing. That’s what ...


 2016-01-13  12m

Roles of CSE and MPST in Coronary Vasoregulation

What role does hydrogen sulfide play in coronary vascular function? That’s just what lead author Lakshmi Santhanam and colleagues set out to uncover in ...


 2016-01-07  10m

Radiation-Induced Regulatory Networks in Cardiomyocytes

What do deep space travel and AJP-Heart and Circ have in common? This podcast. Listen as Associate Editor Leon De Windt interviews lead author ...


 2015-12-28  16m

Calpastatin Overexpression Impairs Post-MI Scar Healing

Timing is everything, and so it was with calpastatin overexpression used to inhibit calpain activity and impair post-MI scar formation. In this podcast, Deputy ...


 2015-12-08  11m

Mitochondrial Flash: Novel Biomarker of Mitochondrial Respiration

What are mitochondria flash events, and are the flash coupled to the flow of electrons along the electron transport chain during mitochondrial respiration? In ...


 2015-11-18  12m