Aligned Grind

Aligned Grind is for the soul-driven individual who is ready to level up in life. Who's tired of sitting on the sidelines and is ready to take control of their life and stand strong in who they are and what they offer. We aim to connect the realities of life, the shift into alignment in order to manifest your true desires and the ripple effect it creates in your life and with others. This podcast was built with YOU in mind! We want nothing more than for you to truly thrive in life and Aligning your Grind is the key!

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episode 38: With Every Ending, Comes a New Beginning

With every ending comes a new beginning. In today’s episode Lauren and Brittany connect with you as they wrap up the Aligned Grind Podcast and let you know what is in the works and coming down the pipeline from with their unique individual coaching programs and offerings...


 2021-04-27  11m

episode 37: How to Navigate this New World Unfolding - The Importance of Releasing Triggers

Today Brittany hits on the ever-changing world and how to keep your power to navigate this ride. In today’s episode, you’ll hear the importance of asking questions and how to move through a trigger.


 2021-04-20  19m

episode 36: Anatomy of Emotion: How to Release the Emotional Baggage

Today Brittany breaks down the anatomy of emotion to help you understand how to release the blocks and create a new reality that better serves you today.


 2021-04-13  27m

episode 35: The Simple Shift in Perspective That Will Create Massive Change

Today Lauren and Brittany discuss the simple shifts you can make in order to change your mindset and begin creating the life you desire.


 2021-04-06  13m

episode 34: What all successful entrepreneurs have in common

Join Brittany Desadier as she solo hosts a unique episode that encompasses the grind. Whether you’re just starting your own business or have been on your own for a while, you’re bound to find some inspiration in this episode to keep moving forward.


 2021-03-30  26m

episode 33: The power of standing in your truth- what is really blocking your abundance

We are always attracting and manifesting what we are reflecting, today we uncover the importance of being authentic and standing in your truth to unblock your path to abundance. We can create and do anything we want when we show up as our authentic selves and live a life true to us. In today’s episode, we dive into what it looks and feels like to live fully in alignment with your authentic self.


 2021-03-23  27m

episode 32: Tapping Into Your Intuition and Emotional Guidance System

Each and every one of us has intuition. A unique ability to connect without an inner guidance system to living a life with more flow and ease. Today’s episode is all about unlocking the door to your intuition and stepping into that divinely supported life.


 2021-03-16  17m

episode 31: Break Free from Anxiety

We all deal with anxiety in one way, shape, or form. It’s time to shift our perspective of anxiety and break free from its constraints.


 2021-03-09  25m

episode 30: Law of Attraction - Begin Co-Creating Today

How law of attraction is used in our every day whether you are aware or not. How to use it and begin creating the life you want.


 2021-03-02  33m

episode 29: Coming Out of Survival Mode and Creating The Life You Want

For some many, last year felt like pure survival mode. It’s time to release that and allow yourself to fully step into the life you want to create.


 2021-02-23  22m