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All About Android delivers everything you want to know about Android each week--the biggest news, freshest hardware, best apps and geekiest how-tos--with Android enthusiasts Jason Howell, Florence Ion, Ron Richards, and a variety of special guests along the way. Records live every Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific / 00:00 (Wed) UTC.



      episode 377: The Picky Bunch

      This week, we discuss Google's upcoming EU bill, how to remove Google from Android, Moto G6 and Moto Z3 Play First Looks, BlackBerry KEY2 impressions, why Netflix's bingewatching features might be bad for you, and more!

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      episode 376: Samsung-a-rama

      This week, we discuss Apple and Samsung's never-ending patent war, Samsung sending photos out to random contacts, Samsung's foldable phone and some other non-Samsung news!

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      episode 375: Hypothetical Hardware

      This week, we discuss app signatures for APKs, easier Google Account controls, Huawei MediaPad M5 first look, BlackBerry KEY2 first look, Instagram's four-way video chat, Fallout versus Westworld, your emails, and more!

      • Ron - Statflix (FREE)
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      episode 374: APK-O's

      This week, we discuss Xiaomi's chances in the US market, the Oppo Find X, Google Podcasts, Android Messages for Desktop, Substratum's doom on Android P, your emails, and more.

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      • Jason - Mr. Number:
      • David - Samsung Good Lock:
      • Flo - Satellite Tracker:...



      episode 373: Too Soon, Ellipses

      This week, we discuss the latest Android P Developer Preview, more Pixel 3 XL rumors, Foci first look, a new Essential mod, BlackBerry Key2, Moto Z3 Play, LG Q Stylus, a soccer app spying on users, and more!

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       2018-06-13  1h46m

      episode 372: Notch-urally

      This week, we discuss the many Pixel 3 rumors, more Project Fi phones, Meizu 15 review, Honor 10 review, ASUS ROG reveal, YouTube Music hands-on, and more!

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       2018-06-06  1h32m

      episode 371: The Collective Groan

      This week, we discuss the future of Essential, the HTC U12+, Nokia's newest midrangers, wild Pixel 3 speculation, Google Lens update, Grasshopper, your emails, and more!

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       2018-05-30  1h45m

      episode 370: Everything is Fine... For Now

      This week, we discuss the OnePlus 6, the Red Hydrogen One, Android P's enterprise updates, a rumored Google AR headset, YouTube Music's new rollout, your emails, and more!

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       2018-05-23  1h46m

      episode 369: Everlasting Comfort

      This week, we discuss our final thoughts on the announcements from Google IO, a first look at the Lenovo Mirage, Honor 10 announcement, Pocket Casts acquisition, Google News app, and more!

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       2018-05-16  1h40m

      episode 368: Google I/O 2018

      This week, we sit down with Stephanie Saad Cuthertson and Allen Huang from the Product Management team for Android, along with special guest Jeff Jarvis to dive into the weeds on all of the big Android announcements from the stage at Google IO 2018 in Mountain View, California.

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      Hosts: Jason Howell and Florence Ion

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