All God's Women

All God’s Women host Sharon Wilharm takes you on a journey through the Bible focusing on all the women in the Bible. She talks about women you’ve heard of all your life and women you’ve never heard of. Each has a story to tell. Discover life lessons from each of these Bible women and apply them to your modern day life.

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episode 86: The Bleeding Woman: She Touched Him

Today we look at a women who wasn’t supposed to get near other people, and she certainly wasn’t supposed to touch them, but she did, and oh, the difference it made.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke each tell the story of this New Testament Bible woman who’d had an issue of blood for twelve years. 

Like the Widow of Nain, the Bleeding Woman was a bonus healing. Each happened when Jesus was on His way to heal someone else...



episode 85: Eve's Choice: All God's Women Radio

Eve had a choice to make. It wasn’t a choice she agonized over. It wasn’t anything she gave much thought to. At the time of the choice, it likely didn’t seem like a big deal at all, but the consequences? They weren’t just life changing for her, but for every life after her.

All God's Women is a Bible study podcast  and syndicated radio show where we journey through the Bible one woman at a time...



episode 84: Joanna and Susanna: Evangelistic Benefactors

I don’t know about you, but I get really excited when I delve into some of these Bible women and discover how truly amazing their stories are. Today is one of those stories. We look at Joanna and Susanna, two of the women who provided financially for...



episode 83: The Anointing Woman: Her Sins Were Forgiven

 In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at a sinful woman who showed her love and appreciation for Jesus in the only way she knew how.This is one of those Bible stories that’s hard to understand without a knowledge of the customs of the time....



episode 82: Widow of Nain: A Grieving Mother

Have you ever reached the point where you felt you’d lost it all, where everything and everyone you’d loved was gone, and you had nothing to live for anymore? Were you so consumed with grief that you didn’t even bother to ask for help because you...



episode 81: Peter's Mother-in-Law: A Serving Woman

Some women live for drama. They demand attention wherever they go. Other women work quietly in the background putting others’ needs before their own. Today we look at Peter’s mother-in-law, a beloved woman who spent her life serving others.All God's...



episode 80: Woman at the Well: An Early Convert and Female Evangelist

Do you ever feel like you’ve messed up your life, like you’re too far gone for any hope of redemption? Have others confirmed that about you in the way they treat you? What if I told you it was never too late, and no matter what you’ve done, God loves...


 2021-03-31  13m

episode 79: Mary: Mother of Jesus

Do you ever compare yourself to other moms? Do you assume that everyone else has it together and knows what they’re doing while you’re stumbling around in the dark? If so, you can find great comfort in today’s episode as we look at Mary as the mother of...


 2021-03-24  13m

episode 78: Undercover Agents: Women's History Unsung Heroes

We don’t tend to think of Bible women playing a role in wars, and yet, the Old Testament includes plenty of examples of female spies, allies, and even warriors. We conclude our celebration of Women’s History Month with our final group of Unsung Heroes...


 2021-03-17  13m

episode 77: Bible Servants: Women's History Unsung Heroes

As we continue with our celebration of Women’s History Month, we look at another group of Unsung Heroes from the Bible. Today we turn our attention to servants, those hard working women who worked quietly in the background taking care of others.We’ve...


 2021-03-10  11m