All God's Women

All God’s Women host Sharon Wilharm takes you on a journey through the Bible focusing on all the women in the Bible. She talks about women you’ve heard of all your life and women you’ve never heard of. Each has a story to tell. Discover life lessons from each of these Bible women and apply them to your modern day life.

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episode 6: Leah and Rachel - Contented or Clamorous

How do you react when life takes a turn in an unexpected and unwanted direction? When all your best laid plans are suddenly discarded, and the new normal is nothing like what you’d planned? Do you accept the new life, making the most of what you’ve been...


 2020-04-22  8m

episode 5: Rebekah - A Woman Who Loved, Lied, and Lost

In today’s episode we look at Rebekah, a woman who loved, lied, and ultimately lost. Genesis 24Genesis 25:20-28Genesis 26Genesis 27Genesis 28:1-5Helpful ResourcesWomen of the Bible by Ann Spangler and Jean E. SyswerdaMothers of the Bible by Dena...


 2020-04-15  8m

episode 4: Hagar - A Woman Not Forgotten

Do you ever feel invisible, like no one truly sees you or cares what’s going on with you? Have you felt like even God himself had forgotten you? Perhaps you’re feeling that way right now. If so, I’ve got an encouraging word for you in the story of...


 2020-04-08  8m

episode 3: Sarah - A Woman With a Plan

Today's episode of All God's Women focuses on Sarah, a woman who had a plan for all occasions. Unfortunately, sometimes her plans got ahead of God's plans.Sarah - Genesis 11-23Genesis 11:29-31Genesis 12:5-20Genesis 16:1-8Genesis 17:15-21Genesis...


 2020-04-02  7m

episode 2: Mrs. Noah - A Life Lived in Quarantine

Today we focus our attention on Mrs. Noah, an unnamed woman of the Bible who truly understood the concept of social distancing and living in isolation.Mrs. Noah - Genesis 6-8Helpful ResourcesChildren's Ministry Resource Bible by Thomas NelsonWhen Life...


 2020-04-02  7m

episode 1: Eve - A Command, Her Choice, and The Consequences

We begin our study of Bible women with Eve, a woman who made a simple choice that forever changed the trajectory of human life. Eve - Genesis 1-4Genesis 1:28 - createdGenesis 2: 15-17 - commandedGenesis 2:18 - comparableGenesis 2:21-23 -...


 2020-04-02  8m

All God's Women - Trailer

Hi, and welcome to All God’s Women. I’m Sharon Wilharm, your host for the show, and I’m excited to be taking you on a journey through the Bible focusing our attention on All God’s Women.  We’ll be talking about women you’ve heard of all your life and...


 2020-03-24  1m