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All In The Mind is ABC RN's weekly podcast looking into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour — everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.

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The toxic effects of rudeness

Are your colleagues rude? Do people regularly ignore each other or dismiss opinions in meeting? Ever gotten an all caps email? On All in the Mind this week, we examine the toxic effects of rude behaviour. And are we getting more rude as a society?


 2021-11-13  28m

Language and loss

What goes on in the multilingual mind? And what does it mean to 'lose' your language? Author and linguist Julie Sedivy with a story of losing – and re-discovering – her native language.


 2021-11-06  29m

Habits and making them stick

Habits are notoriously hard to change—exercising more often, practising calmness, getting healthy—it all takes time and effort. So perhaps you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a way to get habits into your routine. We talk with Bernard Balleine, Director of the Decision Neuroscience Lab at UNSW; and with B J Fogg, founder of the Behaviour Design Lab at Stanford University, about his new book Tiny Habits.  Originally broadcast 8 March 2020.


 2021-10-30  29m

Tears, fears and hope — your pandemic life

With restrictions easing around the country, we wanted to know how you've survived the past year and a half - what's gotten you through and what you can't wait to do next. On All in the Mind this week, we turn the show over to you, our listeners, and hear your pandemic survival stories.


 2021-10-23  29m

'As real as waking life'— exploring lucid dreams

Have you ever realised you were dreaming ... while in the middle of a dream? Lucid dreams are a common phenomenon, but many people don't realise that these surreal experiences of slumber can be influenced or controlled. On All in the Mind this week, we explore the world of dreams, hear some of the latest research in the area and learn the best ways to induce lucid dreaming.


 2021-10-16  29m

The peculiar power of talking to strangers

Are you the kind of person who loves chatting to strangers? Like people in cafes, parks or the train? Or does the thought of small talk make you cringe? On All in the Mind this week, we cover a growing body of research on how talking to strangers can make you feel happier, more connected to your community and less lonely.


 2021-10-09  28m

The building blocks of wellbeing

Wellbeing' has become a bit of a buzz word recently, but what does it really mean? It's not the same as simply being happy, or experiencing pleasure -  it's something deeper and broader  than that. It has to do with how we connect with others, how we feel about ourselves, and much more. So what do we need in order to achieve wellbeing?


 2021-10-02  28m

Hey you! Tell us about your pandemic life

We're working on an episode about how Australians have been coping through the pandemic, and we want your stories. We want to know what’s been getting you through the tough times, and what you’re most looking forward to when this is all behind us. How can you tell us?  You just need to use your smartphone to record yourself telling a story...


 2021-09-29  3m

Whispers, taps and tingles — what is ASMR?

Have you heard of ASMR? Whispery, clicky, crinkly videos are massive on YouTube - racking up millions of views. The idea is that these sounds elicit a certain tingly, calming sensation in some people. So what is ASMR and what does the science tell us about it? Is it real … or pseudoscience? And why do some people get the opposite reaction – irritation rather than these pleasant tingles?


 2021-09-26  30m

Machiavellianism, and the 'dark triad' of personality

Do you consider yourself a shrewd manipulator? Are you cynical about the nature of human beings? If so, you might rank highly in Machiavellianism - a personality trait that's based on the writing and views of Niccolo Machiavelli, the 16th-century Italian political philosopher. We look at what makes a Machiavellian personality, and how it fits into the so called ‘dark triad’ of traits.


 2021-09-18  29m