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JSJ 466: Infrastructure as Code with Christian Nunciato

Christian Nunciato works on a system called Pulumi, which is a system that allows you to build infrastructure with code. This is usually aimed at the cloud and allows us to use tools to manage infrastructure and do setups and updates.


  • Aimee Knight
  • AJ O’Neal
  • Steve Edwards


  • Christian Nunciato


  • Dexecure
  • Octopus Deploy Pty...



JSJ 465:The Power of Micro Front-Ends with Michael Geers

Micro-services have been very popular on the backend for a while now. But can this architecture be applied to the front-end as well? Should it be applied to the front-end? Michael Geers, who literally wrote the book on micro-fronts ends, explains what they are and why they can be a powerful architectural pattern especially when implementing large-scale projects. He also describes how Web Components can be used to enable this type of application architecture...



BONUS: How to Crush Your Biggest Goals in 2021

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Mani Vaya joins Charles Max Wood to walk him through the 6 pillars of success that lead to meeting your goals.

Mani has read thousands of books on success, setting and achieving goals, and personal growth and has distilled these 6 principles from the books and then figured out how to put them into practice...



JSJ 464: Web Components FTW with Ben Farrell

Components have become the go-to method for structuring and composing UIs on the Web. Usually this means relying on a JavaScript framework such as React, Vue, or Angular. But it turns out that there is a standard mechanism for creating components built into browsers. Ben Farrell who wrote a book on this mechanism - Web Components - joins the panel to explain what they are, how they work, and why they are a great, light-weight alternative to JavaScript frameworks...




JSJ 463: Building Web Applications with Firebase

Steve and AJ talk with Gareth Brown, author of the recently released Manning video course “Building Web Applications with Firebase”. They discuss what Firebase is, the services it offers, and how it is used in different types of applications, both large and small...



BONUS: Start Building Video Games with Jason Weimann

Learn to Build Your Own Games with Jason's Course (Get 10% Off with Code DEVCHAT)

Over the years, I've had dozens of developers tell me that they got into programming because they wanted to build video games. Today, it's easier and more approachable than ever. This episode dives into how to get started with game development.

Jason Weimann has built games for big studios and has been teaching others to build video games with the Unity game engine...


 2020-12-11  31m

JSJ 462: The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Testing with Lucas da Costa

Testing JavaScript Applications by Lucas da Costa (Coupon for 40% off: podjsjabber19)

Lucas da Costa literally wrote the book on testing JavaScript. He's also maintainer on ChaiJS and Sinon. The podcast follows a three part structure for testing: Entrance tests, integration tests, and structural tests. These form a pyramid of testing that has the entrance tests at the base and the structural and system tests at the top...


 2020-12-08  1h10m

BONUS: Adding a Content Engine to Your App with a Headless CMS with Jake Lumetta

Go Check Out ButterCMS to Add Content to Your Apps!

Do you need to add a content engine like a blog or podcast to your product’s website? Don’t want to maintain a separate WordPress installation? Why not use a Headless CMS?

Jake Lumetta from ButterCMS joins Charles Max Wood to discuss how Headless CMS’s work and how they can add functionality to your application with a minimum of effort and very little maintenance...


 2020-12-04  23m

JSJ 460: The Things Every JavaScript Developer Must Know, Part 2

The panel continues its discussion of various JavaScript programming topics, and whether or not they are required knowledge for JavaScript programmers. This time the debate gets even more heated with topics such as promises and async / await, regular expressions (regex), the DOM and Service Workers. Ultimately we conclude that some you must indeed know to be successful at JavaScript development, but some you just need to know enough about to know to stay away from them...


 2020-12-01  1h12m