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JSJ 444: Coding Front-end JavaScript for Accessibility with Neha Sharma

In this episode of JavaScript Jabber we interview Neha Sharma about the importance of coding front-end JavaScript with accessibility in mind. She explains practical methods in which to generate accessible UX when using front-end frameworks, such as React and Angular. For example, the importance of generating proper semantic markup, and considering behaviors and responses to user interactions...



MJS 153: Dean Radcliffe

Dean Radcliffe talks about how he got into programming early in life and the influences that brought him to writing code. He also then explains how he got into programming again in college and his internship at a company that did livestreaming of sports and concerts. He nearly didn't graduate. He finished his degree and then went on to write Ruby and later got deep into JavaScript...



JSJ 443: All About InertiaJS with Jonathan Reinink

The panel talks with Jonathan Reinink about his new library, IntertiaJS. InertiaJS is a tool that allows you to create a monolith server rendered site, but where you write your own custom back end, and then use a front end framework like React, Vue, or Svelte. We discuss how Intertia works at a very granular level, how it compares to tools like Next.js and Nuxt, why monoliths are better than using APIs, how Interita handles authentication and form submissions, and much more...



JSJ 442: Breaking Into Tech with Danny Thompson

Danny Thompson discusses his road to a successful tech career, after working for years outside the industry (frying chicken at gas-stations). He explains the importance of setting goals and following through, and how to overcome adversity, and handle setbacks. It's simultaneously a very inspirational story, but also filled with lots of very practical advice and action items to pursue...



MJS 152: Kevin Kreuzer

Kevin Kreuzer, a freelance front end engineer from Switzerland shares his developer’s journey in this episode of the My JavaScript Story. Kevin is also a Google Developer expert, who loves JavaScript, Angular etc and as such writes a lot of blog posts and maintains some open source libraries. And when he is not engrossed in the tech world, he is out snowboarding or playing soccer...



JSJ 441: The Present and Future of JavaScript Bundling and Delivery with Yoav Weiss


Yoav Wiess is a Developer Advocate at Google on the Chrome team, and also co-chair of the W3C Performance Working Group. In this episode Yoav explains how JavaScript resources are currently being delivered to browsers, and limitations and downsides with these approaches. He then describes a proposal for an advanced JavaScript delivery method that addresses these limitations...



JSJ 440: Why Serverless with Gareth McCumskey


Join the 30-DAY CHALLENGE: "You Don't Know JS Yet"

Gareth McCumskey, a Solutions Architect in Cape Town, South Africa engages the panelists of JavaScript Jabber in an informative discussion about the broad topic of serverless. The JavaScript expert explains that serverless is essentially a way to use the existing managed services of the cloud in building a solution. He expounded on the different ways in which to employ the use of serverless...


 2020-07-14  1h25m

MJS 151: Raul Jimenez

React Native Remote Conf

Raúl Jiménez runs a small consultancy focused on Angular out of Barcelona Spain. Raul got into programing in High School. He was working on the equivalent of a USA based Associates Degree. He had a computer when he was 5 and got into copy/paste programming on the Spectrum computer. He started writing on his own at 16. He started with TurboPascal and then got into other languages before graduating to Angular and JavaScript...


 2020-07-07  34m

JSJ 439: More Jabber About Less JavaScript with Alex Russell

Join the 30-DAY CHALLENGE: "You Don't Know JS Yet"

Alex Russell works for Google on the Chrome team and is the lead of Project Fugu which focuses on Web Capabilities and Progressive Web Apps. Alex leads the JavaScript Jabber panel in a discussion of writing less JavaScript and focusing on performance and functionality on low bandwidth connections and low performance phones...


 2020-07-07  1h16m

JSJ 438: You Don't Know JS Yet with Kyle Simpson (SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the End)


React Native Remote ConfJuly 28th to 31th

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of this episode. Don't miss it. Kyle Simpson, author of the You Don't Know JS Yet series joins the JavaScript Jabber panel to discuss the origins and approach to his book series. The discussion varies to the basic parts of JavaScript, the parts you should know, and how to learn them...


 2020-06-30  1h21m