JavaScript Jabber

Weekly panel discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. This show is primarily focused on the web ecosystem, but also covers NodeJS, mobile, and language features.

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Can JAMstack do REAL Web Apps? with James Q Quick - JSJ 517

But really…can it? It absolutely can AND a lot more. In this new episode of JavaScript Jabber, the roundtable sits down with James Q Quick, a software developer, podcast host, and overall future-enthusiast. The team discusses what the “JAM” in JAMstack means for developers, how it’s making integrating features (like payment processing) a breeze, and what you NEED to know about JAMstack going into 2022.



Simplifying Slinkity with Anthony Campolo

Ever feel overwhelmed by the crazy number of new frameworks? We’ve got a solution for you. In this episode, the JavaScript jamboree sits down with Anthony Campolo, a software developer who’s spreading the word about a powerful yet flexible new tool--Slinkity. They talk about how Slinkity answers the age-old question and simplifies everything, how to prevent the nasty “uncanny valley” from rearing its head during loading, and why eBay and Slinkity are on the same page about “the basics”...



Creating Your Community with Brett Haralson - JAVASCRIPT 515

Ever wonder why you feel like you belong in some groups and the black sheep in others? In this episode, the Javascript dudes sit down with Brett Haralson, a software developer and manager at Wix who’s learned the fundamentals of cultivating world-class communities. They discuss what Brett does FIRST to start building a community, how to handle negativity before and when it pops up, and what you NEED to do after you “find your tribe”...



Where is JAMstack and Dev Tooling Headed Today? - Putting JetPacks on Developers ft. Tejas Kumar - JSJ 514

Tejas Kumar joins JavaScript Jabber to discuss the advances in developer tooling and how it relates to ideas like the JAMstack to allow developers to move back and build larger applications with smaller teams. The discussion ranges over backend, frontend, and cloud technologies.


 2021-12-21  1h1m

3 Fundamental Pillars You Need to Succeed as an Entrepreneur - BONUS

Mani has summarized hundreds of business books that outline how to build, grow, and operate a business and he shares his expertise with Chuck and the listeners in this special episode.

Chuck and Mani discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. They talk about their businesses on a regular basis and Chuck's been getting a lot of requests for entrepreneurship help...


 2021-12-15  1h5m

HTMX and InterCooler ft. Carson Gross - JSJ 513

Carson Gross is the creator of InterCooler and HTMX. He pulled them together to manage the way that he wrote JavaScript and interacted with hypermedia and HATEOAS to make managing the DOM and backend easier. It's not really a competitor to web frameworks as much as a different way to think about the front-end of your application.


 2021-12-14  1h12m

Virtual DOM and the React Way, Part 1 - JSJ 512

Dan Shappir takes the lead in explaining React's core design, and how it's enabled by the Virtual DOM (VDOM). The panel discusses what the VDOM is, and how it differs from the actual browser DOM. Also how React leverages the VDOM and its reconciliation mechanism. Understanding these concepts is important in order to properly understand and make the best use of React.


 2021-12-07  1h11m

Catching Up on InertiaJS with Jonathan Reinink - JSJ 511

Steve and AJ catch up with Jonathan Reinink, the creator of InertiaJS, a utility for seamlessly connecting front end Javascript frameworks with back ends to create a seamless and performant web app monolith. They discuss TailwindCSS and Jonathan’s work at Tailwind Labs, and then get into InertiaJS, how it works, and many of the different features...


 2021-11-30  1h20m

BONUS: How to do LARGE Volumes of HIGH Quality Work - While Spending Fewer Hours Working

Mani provides us with strategies and tactics to get Deep Work time and how to get our minds into that focused state for hours at a time.


 2021-11-24  47m

Do You Have Dev FOMO? ft. Yoav Ganbar - JSJ 510

Yoav Ganbar joins the Jabber crew to discuss Dev FOMO. He leads the panel through a discussion about adopting technologies and knowing about new niches. The panel discusses how to stay on top of the movements in our ecosystem and when we should prioritize other things.


 2021-11-23  1h20m