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MJS 144: Josh Ponelat

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 14th to 15th - register now!

Josh Ponelat is Software Architect at SmartBear working on Swagger and OpenAPI. He's from South Africa. Josh's father is a programmer and was heavily influenced by his father. He started with ANSI-C and hacking on shells. He studied graphic design in school. He got back into programming in PHP and MySQL and wound up transitioning to JavaScript...


 2020-04-07  40m

MJS 143: Paige Niedringhaus

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 14th to 15th - register now!

Paige Niedringhaus started her career as a Digital Marketer before making the move to becoming a software developer at the Home Depot. She current works with React and Node building internal apps for them. This episode discusses the ins and outs of making that transition in a semi-recent world and community...


 2020-03-31  43m

JSJ 427: How to Start a Side Hustle as a Programmer with Mani Vaya

JavaScript Remote Conf 2020May 14th to 15th - register now!

Mani Vaya joins Charles Max Wood to talk about how developers can add the enterepreneur hat to the others they wear by starting a side gig. They discuss various ideas around entrepreneurship, the books they got them from, and how they've applied them in their own businesses...


 2020-03-31  45m

MJS 142: Daniel Caldas

Daniel Caldas is a Portuguese developer working and living in Singapore. He learned to code in high school programming in Pascal. He moved up to the university and that's where he encountered JavaScript. He wound up doing a bunch of design work, static websites, and jQuery. He explains his journey and learning methods leading to a job working for Zendesk on their CRM...


 2020-03-24  34m

JSJ 426: Killing the Release Night with Progressive Delivery with Dave Karow

Dave Karow is a developer evangelist for Split. He dives into how you can deliver software sustainably without burning out. His background is in performance and he's moved into smooth deliveries. He pushes the ideas behind continuous delivery and how to avoid getting paid to stay late in "free" pizzas...


 2020-03-24  1h13m

JSJ 425: The Evolution of JavaScript

Dan Shappir takes the lead and walks the panel through the history of JavaScript and a discussion on ES6, TypeScript, the direction and future of JavaScript, and what features to be looking at and looking for in the current iteration of JavaScript...


 2020-03-17  1h18m

MJS 141: Jared Palmer

Jared Palmer has been a guest on 3 different shows on He's talked to us about Formik, Razzle, and React. He's taking a break from consulting to build up Formik, Inc and tools for forms. He got started in programming by taking a programming class at Cornell on a lark and quickly transitioned out of Investment Banking after graduating from university. His first apps were custom lock screens for mobile phones...


 2020-03-17  42m

JSJ 424: UI5 and web components with Peter Muessig

In this episode of JavaScript Jabber the panelists and guest delve into the advantages of the shadow dom, transitioning from polymer js polyfills to native web components when moving for SAP UI to UI5, which works within React, Vue, Angular, and others...


 2020-03-10  42m

MJS 140: Tommy Hodgins

Tommy Hodgins is a developer that typically works on A/B tests figuring out how to get websites the outcomes they want. He got into JavaScript and front-end technologies and then read a paper that led him to realize the capabilities of writing software to solve problems. He maintains a front-end focus with his A/B testing work and CSS in JS and other work...


 2020-03-10  29m

JSJ 423: State of JS

The panelists discuss that latest State of JS survey. They begin talking about the merits and methods of the survey and then discuss the value you can extract from the survey. They also consider the various comparisons and trends presented by the survey and what they may mean...


 2020-03-03  50m