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A weekly discussion by top-end JavaScript developers on the technology and skills needed to level up on your JavaScript journey.

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Supply Chain Security - Part 1 - JSJ 524

Malware attacks are scary, so preparation is keys. In this episode, the Jabberers talk with Ferross Aboukhadije, a developer who’s redefining malware detection to help you prepare for the next assault. “It’s awesome that such small teams can make complex code, but it’s not enough to just scan for vulnerabilities.” Feross Aboukhadije


 2022-03-08  1h15m

OAuth Explained - JSJ 523

Is OAuth all it’s cracked up to be? In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Dan Moore, an expert in the OAuth world. They discuss the GIANT perks of OAuth (even if you’re a beginner), how to fix OAuth’s biggest issues, and what you NEED to watch out for in OAuth if you’re a prospective client.


 2022-03-01  1h11m

Front End Architecture - JSJ 522

In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Gil Fink, a Microsoft vet and Google developer who’s gonna convince why having front architecture is a no-brainer. They discuss what differentiates it from components, how “memory floods” are washing away developers (and why they’re causing them!), and the BEST way to move between architectures without losing your mind. “You need to understand all the moving parts in your architecture.” - Gil Fink


 2022-02-22  1h13m

How to Become a Senior Developer with Shem Magnezi - JSJ 521

Want to know what makes a senior developer? We know a thing or two. In this episode, the Jabberers sit down with Shem Magnezi, a senior developer at Wilco who shares what he’s learned over his seasoned career. They talk about the do’s and don’ts of being a manager, why small and large companies share this ONE feature, and a HUGE mindset reset that will keep you ahead of the game.


 2022-02-15  1h14m

Web3 with Nik Kalyani - JSJ 520

Feel like you don’t know enough about Web3? Don’t worry, neither do we. That’s where these podcasts come in! In this new episode, the Jabberers sit down with Nik Kalyani, the founder of Decentology and overall Web3 expert. The gang discusses the “big D” of Web3 (and why you need to understand it), how Web3 changes the game for blockchain and the like, and how Web3 is going to make gaming bigger AND more lucrative


 2022-02-08  1h27m

Sorting through the Script (AJ vs. Dan Shappir) - JSJ 519

Want to watch AJ and Dan Shappir do battle LIVE? You’re in the luck! In this episode, the jabberers go deep on the nuances of var, what we can all learn from C++ about coding, and Dan’s go-to remedies for keeping your Script nice, neat, and not-chaotic.


 2022-02-01  1h10m

Virtual DOM and the React Way, Part Deux - JSJ 518

This episode is a continuation of Javascript Jabber 512, so head over there before tuning into this one! In this Part 2, the Jabberers and Dan Shappir discuss THE difference between Svelte vs. virtual DOM and React, the most noticeable pros and cons of React when a DOM’s around, and how “partial rendering” is the changing the game. Per usual, Steve’s dad jokes are 100% funny.


 2022-01-25  1h31m

Can JAMstack do REAL Web Apps? with James Q Quick - JSJ 517

But really…can it? It absolutely can AND a lot more. In this new episode of JavaScript Jabber, the roundtable sits down with James Q Quick, a software developer, podcast host, and overall future-enthusiast. The team discusses what the “JAM” in JAMstack means for developers, how it’s making integrating features (like payment processing) a breeze, and what you NEED to know about JAMstack going into 2022.


 2022-01-18  1h19m

Simplifying Slinkity with Anthony Campolo

Ever feel overwhelmed by the crazy number of new frameworks? We’ve got a solution for you. In this episode, the JavaScript jamboree sits down with Anthony Campolo, a software developer who’s spreading the word about a powerful yet flexible new tool--Slinkity. They talk about how Slinkity answers the age-old question and simplifies everything, how to prevent the nasty “uncanny valley” from rearing its head during loading, and why eBay and Slinkity are on the same page about “the basics”...


 2022-01-11  1h1m

Creating Your Community with Brett Haralson - JAVASCRIPT 515

Ever wonder why you feel like you belong in some groups and the black sheep in others? In this episode, the Javascript dudes sit down with Brett Haralson, a software developer and manager at Wix who’s learned the fundamentals of cultivating world-class communities. They discuss what Brett does FIRST to start building a community, how to handle negativity before and when it pops up, and what you NEED to do after you “find your tribe”...


 2022-01-04  1h4m