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All Things Transformers is a Transformers Podcast! We’ve been bringing you the best from around the Transformers world since 2008! We bring news and reviews on all the Transformers properties in the universe: Generation One, Generation 2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, RID2001, Unicron Trilogy, Headmasters, Transformers Animated, Combiner Wars, Titans Return, Prime Wars, Robots in Disguise, Cyberverse, Transformers games, Transformers films, Transformers Prime, Rescue Bots, Transformers War for Cybertron, Transformers Legacy, Transformers Generations, Botcon, IDW Comics, Dreamwave Comics, Marvel Comics, conventions, toy reviews, news, interviews and insights. We bring you the news worth talking about, that we think you'll enjoy. That and Beast Megatron sometimes makes a pit stop to chat.

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ATTF v3.0 – 51 – Podcast in Disguise

This week Steve “Megatron” is flying solo to give the run down of the new show, some segment concepts and ideas as well as some cool news with his thoughts on all of it.Welcome to the revival of All Things Transformers v3.0! Here we are hoping to...


 2015-08-27  32m

ATTF v3.0 – 52 – Masterpiece Theater

This week Steve "Megatron" is joined by his long time co-host TFG1 Mike as they dive into some news. Covering this week are Bayformers, Beast Wars 20th, Masterpiece, TF RiD 2015, Botcon 2016 and your questions. Welcome to the revival of All Things...


 2015-10-14  1h4m

Interviews – Stan Bush – Botcon 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen it's that time again for TFG1Mike to catch up with the Transformers music man Stan Bush! In this brief interview Mike talks to Stan about what's on the horizon for him, and the Botcon 2016 panel with Stan and Vince DiCola. They...


 2016-04-07  22m

ATTF v3.0 – 53 – Botcon 2016 – The LAST Conning of the Bots!

This week Steve "Megatron" is plagued by Cosmic Rust, so TFG1Mike has a Triple Takeover of All Things Transformers. He brings along with him three people who attended the LAST Botcon EVER! Aimee, Joe, and Paul give each of their experiences of the...


 2016-04-22  1h51m

ATTF v3.0 - 54 - Transformers RiD, Transformers 5, & Updates

This week Steve "Megatron" returns, and TFG1Mike talks more Botcon. After that the duo talk about Hasbro's video games and film universe. In the back half of the episode we give general opinions on TF RID 2015 Season 2, and respond to the feedback we...


 2016-05-25  59m

ATTF v3.0 - 55 - Masterpiece and the Films

This week Steve "Megatron" and TFG1Mike talk about the Transformers Masterpiece figure Cheetor, as well as the possibilities on the future of the Masterpiece line. We also jump into some of the Transformers film "Universe" information and get into a...


 2016-06-22  52m

ATTF v3.0 - TFTM 30th Anniversary - DVD Commentary on Transformers The Movie

EDITOR'S NOTE: The audio difference in Steve'd clip could not be helped. DAMN CYBERTRONIAN CELL PHONES! This time around TFG1Mike and DJ Valentine give you a commentary on TFTM. As we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Transformers The Movie...


 2016-08-11  2h17m

ATTF v3.0 - 56 - Transformation Staycation

This week Steve "Megatron" and TFG1Mike run through the news that has been building up over the last few months. We give our opinions on TF RID Season 2.5 teaser videos, HasCon, and more! So grab some energon drinks, sit back, relax, and listen to us...


 2016-10-25  42m

ATTF v3.0 - 57 - THAT'S JUST PRIME!!

This week Steve "Megatron" reviews MP OptimusPrimal while  TFG1Mike just sits there and cackles loudly. So grab some energon drinks, sit back, relax, and listen to us talk Transformers! Only on All Things Transformers Version 3.0. Transform and...


 2016-11-14  16m

ATTF v3.0 - 58 - Remembering Rodimus - A Dick Gautier Tribute

2017 is here, and it's a brand new year! Steve "Megatron" and  TFG1Mike reflect on the career of Dick Gautier, most will know him as the voices of Season 3-4 Rodimus in TFG1, and Serpentor in G.I. Joe. He was also Hymie the Robot in Get Smart. So grab...


 2017-01-19  39m