Altamar - Navigating the High Seas of Global Politics

Altamar is dedicated to curating an informative discussion on how global issues impact all of us. The show avoids the typical Washingtonian US bias and talks about accelerating changes from a global perspective by featuring diverse guests on a range of foreign policy topics. We aim to rise above the polarization that detracts from the public’s understanding of crucial global issues. Hosted by political analyst Peter Schechter and columnist Muni Jensen.

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episode 12: Sports, Money, and Politics

World sports are reeling from exhausted athletes, corporate bottom lines, rampant corruption and political antagonisms. Who is really in control?



episode 11: Europe’s Fault Lines

Europe is in flux - French and German presidential elections are on the horizon, and with vaccinations finally getting traction, what is the outlook for post Brexit continental Europe?



episode 10: The World After Bibi

Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s Prime Minister no more. What does this transition mean for Israel, the Middle East, and the world?


 2021-06-18  27m

episode 9: Will ‘Bidenomics’ Become a Word?

The U.S. economy is sending mixed signals as the post-pandemic economic recovery continues to confound experts. What happens next?


 2021-06-04  32m

episode 8: Latin America in Flames

Economies crushed by Covid, corruption, inequality, and incompetence join together as a perfect storm. There is growing restlessness on the streets: what lies in store for the broken region of Latin America?


 2021-05-21  28m

episode 7: Hollywood’s Abyss

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every industry, and the movie industry is no exception. What’s the future of Hollywood and the movie industry?


 2021-05-07  28m

episode 6: Iran vs. the West, Again

Iran is again a top headache for the West. Its resurgent nuclear development, a recent pact with China, rivalry with Saudi Arabia, and its simmering fight with Israel catapult Iran again to the top of global security risks.


 2021-04-23  29m

episode 5: The Future of Travel: Winners & Losers

The global pandemic has drastically impacted the global travel industry. This episode asks the question: who are the winners and losers?


 2021-04-09  29m

episode 4: Russia: Weak and Strong

Despite a weak economy and internal dissent, Russia is spreading its influence. Is Putin playing a weak hand well, or is the Kremlin punching above its weight?


 2021-03-26  30m

episode 3: The Future of Cannabis?

As the world continues to adopt new perspectives on the regularization of cannabis, what does that mean for the future of this little plant?


 2021-03-12  24m