American Idiots Abroad

AJ Marks and Megan Sola-Guinto are two American musicians living in England who host a biweekly podcast with a variety of local and international guests to discuss the cultural and linguistic differences between the U.S. and the U.K. From explaining slang to debunking various misconceptions, Americans and Britons alike can tune in to hear fresh perspectives on what the other countries are like. Email your questions, corrections and stereotypes to and follow AJ and Megan on social media @ajmarksofficial @iamsolamusic

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episode 20: Literally... (with Bronnie & Chris Mitchell, Part 2)

Wooo, part 2 has arrived, folks! It's our season finale, and it's round 2 of this 2-part finale, and we are joined once again by Bronnie and Chris Mitchell! We're seeing double, and if you want a bit more deja vu, check out Part 1 as a refresher or...


 2021-06-17  56m

episode 19: Literally... (with Bronnie & Chris Mitchell, Part 1)

It's our season finale, y'all! Joining us to debate, diss, and dissect the English language in this first round of our 2-part finale are Bronnie and Chris Mitchell of the band, ! This episode is inspired by/in retaliation to . Tune in to this first...


 2021-05-18  33m

episode 18: British Phrases II (with Liverpool Arts Bar)

Megan and AJ talk British phrases with Tom and Ben of Liverpool Arts Bar in this hilarious episode. Our advice: try not to call yourself a nonce or a spanner. You can follow Liverpool Arts Bar at , at  or by listening to the . AJ can be...


 2021-04-20  37m

episode 17: TV & Movies (with Rachelle Diedericks)

We're finally discussing TV and Movies with the amazing Rachelle Diedericks! Wild Child, Naked Attraction and NCIS just scratch the surface. You can follow Rachelle at , AJ at and Megan at on all platforms. Feel free to send over your...


 2021-03-31  34m

episode 16: American vs. British Music (with Aamir Yaqub)

To discuss the musical differences between the US and the UK, Megan and AJ sit down with a Grammy Award-winning producer known for his work with Rihanna and Sia, Aamir Yaqub! In this episode they discuss grime, the UK's love for groups, and!...


 2021-03-02  29m

episode 15: New Meaning, Who Dis? (with Adam Unze)

Megan and AJ have yet another guest that straddles the Atlantic ocean, actor and podcaster Adam Unze, of ! Today we cover all the classic words that have a different meaning in the US than in the UK, including fanny, casualty and rubber! You can...


 2021-02-09  27m

episode 14: Sweets & Desserts (with Jeff Thurm & Tom Alex Helm)

The Idiots are back at it again, this time with two content creators for Buzzfeed UK, Jeff Thurm and Tom Alex Helm. This is the only podcast where you can learn all about Megan's disdain for AJ's taste in candy, Tom's love for digestives, and Jeff's...


 2020-11-30  35m

episode 13: Black Country Disco, Part 2 (with Tom Aspaul)

In this two part episode, we're putting the Disco in Black Country Disco, with our musical guide: Tom Aspaul, a songwriter whose credits include Kylie Minogue, MNEK, AlunaGeorge and more. What's the difference between British pop and Britpop? Who...


 2020-11-16  26m

episode 12: Black Country Disco, Part 1 (with Tom Aspaul)

In this two part episode, we're putting the Black Country in Black Country Disco, with our tour guide: songwriter Tom Aspaul from Wolverhampton. Tom walks us through the geographical inspiration for his new album, Megan is jed with laughter, and AJ...


 2020-11-02  28m

episode 11: BONUS: Grievances (with Freddie Long)

We're back with Freddie Long to air out our British grievances and discuss MORE British slang (there is still so much)! You can follow Freddie at , Megan at , and AJ at on all social media platforms. The song played in this episode is...


 2020-10-28  12m