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Tune in every month for highlights and summaries of key articles from each issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry (, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association.

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July 2009 Highlights

July 2009 Highlights: compulsive checking in veterans; foster care in Romania; bereavement after death of parent; bipolar disorder in children; verbal memory in schizophrenia; differentiating metabotropic glutamate receptors


 2009-07-01  35m

June 2009 Highlights

June 2009 Highlights: mild traumatic brain injury; cognitive effects of antipsychotics; prenatal infection and adult executive dysfunction; basal ganglia activity in reward processing; inhibitory control as ADHD marker; paliperidone versus quetiapine.


 2009-06-01  26m

May 2009 Highlights

May 2009 Highlights: dynamic psychotherapy for borderline personality; depression, antidepressants, and pregnancy outcomes; delusions in the general population; antipsychotics and Alzheimer’s disease; diabetes mellitus and antidepressants.


 2009-05-04  30m

April 2009 Highlights

April 2009 Highlights: Postpartum psychosis; suicide predictors in depressed adolescents; recognizing personality disorders; new loci likely to harbor genes carrying schizophrenia predisposition; social impairment in autism spectrum disorders.


 2009-03-31  33m

March 2009 Highlights

March 2009 Highlights: bariatric surgery; CBT for eating disorders; obsessions and compulsions in the community; SSRIs and gestational hypertension; giving placebo to depressed adolescents in trials.


 2009-02-27  37m

February 2009 Highlights

February 2009 Highlights: mania during bipolar depression; enrolling noncompetent subjects in Alzheimer’s research; connecting brain function and structure in schizophrenia; odor-detection sensitivity deficit in schizophrenia.


 2009-01-29  21m

January 2009 Highlights

January 2009 Highlights: bipolar disorder and ADHD diagnosis in children; placebo response in antidepressant trials; neuroanatomy of ADHD; brain dysfunction in ADHD versus conduct disorder; repeat incarcerations for prisoners with serious mental illness.


 2009-01-05  32m

December 2008 Highlights

December 2008 Highlights: prison inmates with ADHD; sleep disturbance and depression; circadian rhythms in pregnancy and postpartum; trauma and resilience in a high-risk population; GABA marker deficits in schizophrenia.


 2008-12-01  29m

November 2008 Highlights

November 2008 Highlights: culture in psychodynamic psychotherapy; antipsychotics for adolescents; naltrexone for amphetamine dependence; bereavement-related depression; influence of cortisol and apolipoprotein E interaction on cognitive function.


 2008-11-03  33m

October 2008 Highlights

October 2008 Highlights: drug treatment of breast cancer and depression; olanzapine for low body weight in anorexia; compulsive hoarding; adjunctive aripiprazole in bipolar mania; comparing PTSD criteria sets for diagnosis in children.


 2008-09-30  26m