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Tune in every month for highlights and summaries of key articles from each issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry (, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association.

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September 2008 Highlights

September 2008 Highlights: Body dysmorphic disorder treatment, parental mood disorders and treatment on child psychopathology outcomes, nicotine dependence risk, alcohol dependence remission, genome screen for schizophrenia and neurocognitive phenotypes.


 2008-09-02  31m

August 2008 Highlights

August 2008 Highlights: Diagnosis and treatment of Asberger’s, new schizophrenia treatments, aripiprazole pharmacokinetics, schizophrenia functional impairment and frontal lobe dysfunction.


 2008-07-31  35m

July 2008 Highlights

July 2008 Highlights: Clozapine treatment after development of neutropenia, antipsychotic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, treatment decision tree for depression in elderly patients, possible physiologic marker of panic disorder.


 2008-06-30  33m

June 2008 Highlights

June 2008 Highlights: Deep brain stimulation and cingulotomy; economic impact of mental disorders; adolescents with disruptive behavior disorders; comparison of atomoxetine and methylphenidate for ADHD; memory impairment and history of depression.


 2008-05-30  26m

May 2008 Highlights

May 2008 Highlights: depression and comorbid chronic illness, cost-effectiveness of adolescent depression treatment, ADHD treatment and substance abuse, long-term borderline personality disorder treatment.


 2008-04-30  31m

April 2008 Highlights

April 2008 Highlights: supportive psychotherapy; continuation fluoxetine in children; borderline personality group treatment; cannabis use and brain volume loss in schizophrenia; nicotine dependence and striatal dopamine D2 receptor availability.


 2008-04-01  32m

March 2008 Highlights

March 2008 Highlights: depressed suicidal adolescents; D-cycloserine for OCD; anxious depression; metformin to prevent weight gain; rapid-cycling bipolar course.


 2008-03-06  30m

February 2008 Highlights

February 2008 Highlights: violence risk assessment, the MATRICS initiative from NIMH, OCD in Japan, societal costs of managed care in Medicaid.


 2008-01-31  28m

January 2008 Highlights

January 2008 Highlights: perimenopausal depression; mental health treatments after Hurricane Katrina; effects of an FDA advisory; environmental factors and schizophrenia; and ADHD and substance use patterns in families.


 2008-01-03  26m

December 2007 Highlights

December 2007 Highlights: anorexia; bipolar disorder during pregnancy; borderline personality disorder; serotonin transporter binding after depression recovery; major depression and depressive personality disorder.


 2007-11-29  32m