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Barter Prep

This week I will be talking barter prep. I gave our listeners the option between two topics and this one is the one that won out. Thank you to those that voted in the poll on the APIIINation Facebook post and to our friends that shared the post around....


 2018-04-23  1h3m

Backyard Medicine Cabinet

Hello patriots and preppers, this week I talk about getting started with herbalism and give you seven examples of plants that most likely grow in your yard or close by that have medicinal properties. Before I go into the list of plants though,


 2018-04-16  59m

Homeowner Prep

Based on a suggestion from a close friend and a loyal listener, Charlie talks about what every homeowner should have.


 2018-04-09  55m

Pantry Prep

  Back for another episode, I am sorry about not posting it on Friday. The technical difficulties are hopefully over now that we are in a different month, that and I have to find a new internet provider. Oh well, to the episode.


 2018-04-02  57m

2nd Amendment Ban Prep

What Charlie thinks you should put preps into if there is a potential "Assault Weapon" ban


 2018-03-26  1h5m

Get Growing

Welcome to another episode. Today’s topic I was torn on because as much as I really want to talk about gardening, historically they have been some of the least popular podcasts and articles. Oh well, it really should be covered before spring actually h...


 2018-03-16  55m

Why Preppers Don't Like Bitcoin

Hi preppers and patriots. This week I want to discuss crypto currencies. I believe I can tell you why most preppers do not like Bitcoin and other digital coins. If you are one of those that don’t, is it because of one of these reasons?


 2018-03-09  1h21m

Charlie Is Back And Talks Floods

It has been a while, but I am back and hopefully will be coming back to you every Friday with a quality episode. Today I wanted to give you some insight into what has changed in the Charlie family and why the absence. in short, no internet,


 2018-03-02  53m

Hiding In Plain Sight #1

Today first thing I wanted to talk about was to address an emailed concern of a loyal listener regarding my suggestions yesterday on crypto currency for preparedness. He reminded me that I got lost on a tangent and never finished making the points I me...


 2017-09-21  20m

Collapse Currency

Hello fellow patriots and preppers. Today I want to talk more about investments for a SHTF event. I talk about cryptocurrencies and the recent events in China that effected prices. Gold and silver are also talked about along with “luxury” items that ca...


 2017-09-20  26m