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Winter Preparedness Podcast

I have been hinting at this episode for a week or two already, so here it is. I talk about preparing your vehicle and your home for winter. I talked about this in a previous article called Winterized, Are You?,


 2016-11-03  36m

Politic In Review: Election 2016 Podcast

I go over a couple bi-partisan issues in congress while they are on recess. Congress calls for the DoD to stop their attempts to collect over payments of enlistment bonuses in California. A draft to add provisions to Medicare is also on the agenda when...


 2016-10-30  35m

Election 2016 Preparedness

Are you ready for the 8th and beyond?


 2016-10-28  22m

Politics In Review For Oct. 8

Welcome to another politics in review podcast. Get involved by getting updates from Popvox too. Three bills passed congress this past week that I talk briefly about. I also talk about some noteworthy state based stuff.


 2016-10-08  11m

Firearms Preparedness

In this episode I talk firearms. I talk a little about the four gun battery which is handgun, twenty-two, shotgun, and rifle. Ammo and storage of your ammunition is also an important step. I also cover reloading and spare parts briefly.


 2016-10-06  23m

Commentary Return

Hey we are back after a little break. John Smith joins me for another commentary episode while we catch up after a three week break. We talk about the first debate, politicians, the east coast bombings, and more. There are off topic tangents galore,


 2016-10-04  1h7m

Weekly Commentary Show 9-11

Remember 9-11-01


 2016-09-12  58m

Weekly Prepping Show: Skills That Pay Bills

In this weeks episode on preparedness, I give a list of skills that may be sought after in a financial collapse. These could be what someone uses to support their family in a post collapse economy. I have also added a resource link for each to maybe lo...


 2016-09-08  35m

Politics In Review Podcast for Sept 3, 2016

Welcome to another episode of the politics in review for this past week. The congressional recess is at an end so our elected criminals should be returning to DC next week and doing so, I should have more content for these episodes.


 2016-09-03  16m

Weekly Prepping Podcast: Floods

Charlie talks flood preparedness


 2016-08-31  19m