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Twelve Jurors and One Angry Ex-President

What the first week of Trump’s hush money trial tells us about how the former President is handling his first criminal trial



The Jurisprudence of Bleeding Out

SCOTUS is about to decide whether being on the brink of death is the only way pregnant patients can qualify for emergency abortion care.



When Gag Orders Become Campaign-Performance Indicators

What to do when a presidential campaign folds in the characteristics of terrorism.



When RAGA Rhymes with MAGA

The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) is part of the conservative legal movement’s holy trinity, and all in for Trump.



How The Mifepristone Case Reached SCOTUS

Will this Supreme Court reward three decades of activism against abortion pills and ban the safest, most popular abortion method in the United States?


 March 23, 2024  57m

Who Gets to Lie Online?

On Monday, the Supreme Court hears a case about the government’s ability to combat online misinformation about COVID and elections.


 March 16, 2024  44m

The Lies Destroying America

American democracy is losing the battle against disinformation, but all is not lost.


 March 9, 2024  54m

Yes, You Can Vote for an Insurrectionist

The Supreme Court unanimously restored Trump to the Colorado primary ballot, but a clutch of conservative justices went further - neutering 14th amendment’s insurrection clause.


 March 4, 2024  8m

The IVF Decision We Should Have Seen Coming

You can draw a straight line from Jim Crow to Dobbs and the Alabama IVF decision


 March 2, 2024  1h1m

A Series of Lawsuits That We Call an Election

How to fix the laws, and the gaps in the law, that are breaking American democracy.


 February 24, 2024  55m