AMIGArama Podcast

A weekly podcast about the classic line of Commodore Amiga computers. Covering games, utilities and all sorts of extras. Join Lorfarius on his quest to cover every Amiga game ever released… will he ever reach that lofty goal? Lets have fun finding out!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 30m. Bisher sind 106 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

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episode 106: Episode 105: All good things...

It is time to say a fond farewell in this final episode. It's been a wild ride and I hope you can spare a few minutes to listen to why it's time for the show to end... A handy link for a brilliant supporter (yes I pronounced it wrong but I had a lot on m...


 2019-10-20  6m

episode 105: Episode 104: James Pond: Underwater Agent

A fresh underwater take on our fishy friend James Pond in this week's oceanic adventure. Indy Heat Please visit the AMIGArama website, Facebook page and to offer your support for the podcast on Patreon! Don't forget to check out our show links! AMIGArama...


 2019-10-19  28m

episode 104: Episode 103: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

Lorfarius slides into gear and braces for some thrills in this epic Lotus racer as return to the Amiga's 2D race trilogy Amiga 4000 68060, Amiga 3000 68030 Frontier 2 Speed testPixel Vixen: Unboxing an A1500 and building it. Live show D4XX Music Please v...


 2019-10-13  32m

episode 103: Episode 102: Altered Beast

Lorfarius meets the Beast from Altered Beast in this grand show off with Sega's classic brawler. A big thank you this week to @rosscomurphy on Twitter for his Altered Beast footage. Helped us out of a bind! Commodore Amiga: The Next Generation (MorphOS)T...


 2019-10-06  30m

episode 102: Episode 101: Cool Spot

Put your shades and thumbs out as Cool Spot takes the spotlight in this weeks cooler than usual episode. Original vs Remake : Great Giana Sisters Versus8 Diskmag released Landf...


 2019-09-29  27m

episode 101: Episode 100: A special celebration

It's hard to believe that we finally made it to 100 shows, almost 2 full years of AMIGArama! I wanted to take a chance to thank all of my listeners. I hope you all enjoy a break from the norm this week as we dig through some interesting tracks and talk a...


 2019-09-22  58m

episode 100: AMIGArama Podcast Episode 99: Beneath a Steel Sky

With a sequel close to it's release after 25 years, AMIGArama takes a deep dive Beneath a Steel Sky. Use the code amigarama at checkout for 30% off all orders! Re-implementation of the Amiga 1200 boardJetHunt Please vi...


 2019-09-15  42m

episode 99: AMIGArama Podcast Episode 98: Litil Divil

All is not well in the pits of Hades, only Mutt and a dubious Lorfarius can find the mystic Pizza of Plenty in this weeks show. A Gremlin in the WorksCYBERSTORM MKII 68060 with RetrocengoOpenDUNE Please visit the AMIGArama website, Facebook page and to o...


 2019-09-08  33m

episode 98: AMIGArama Podcast Episode 97: Bubble Ghost

Can AMIGArama survive the night in a haunted hotel for this spooky, Bubble Ghost spectacular episode? Commodore Amiga DDS2 tape driveReturn of the Tentacle fan made game Please visit the AMIGArama website, Facebook page and to offer your support for the ...


 2019-09-01  24m

episode 97: AMIGArama Podcast Episode 96: The Great Giana Sisters

No Super Mario Bros. to be seen in this nightmare as AMIGArama visits dreamland with these Great Giana sisters. Amiga CD32 Tutorial by Glen MilfordTeam17's Witchwood Please visit the AMIGArama website, Facebook page and to offer your support for the podc...


 2019-08-25  26m