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episode 228: Episode CDXII...Keith Grachow

Artist Keith Grachow sits in to discuss his art, his recent trip to Africa and his new book with Robert Iveniuk, Checkmate Blues.  



episode 227: Episode CDXI...FanExpo Extravaganza Part Two : R.A.I.D

On Part two of our FanExpo Extravaganza 2022 we put a spotlight on Toronto's R.A.I.D studio featuring chats with creative talents Aaron Ong, Kyle j. Smith, Shane heron and Sam Noir! 



episode 226: Episode CDX FanExpo Canada 2022 Extravaganza Part One

The Jedi Ras returns to the trenches with a collection of live chats from FanExpo '22 in Toronto! Featuring Jason Loo ( The Pitiful Human Lizard, Star Wars, X-Men) John Delaney ( Adventures in the DC Universe, Scooby Doo, Voltron, Futurama, The Simpsons)...



episode 225: Episode CDIX...Mark Bertolini

A chat with the writer of Bastard's Waltz, Bigfoot Frankenstein and the upcoming The Argus from Source Point Press, Mark Bertolini.


 2022-07-04  41m

episode 224: Episode CDVIII...Ms. Marvel, Stranger Things, The Boys and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Uncle Anthony sits in to chat about Ms. Marvel, Stranger Things, The Boys, Obi-Wan Kenobi and more.


 2022-06-13  1h9m

episode 223: Episode CDVII...Toronto Comic Con 2022

The Weapon returns to the trenches of Artist's Alley! LIVE from FanExpo's Toronto Comic Con 2022! Featuring conversations with Sequential award winner and writer of Cover of Darkness from Source Point Press George Michail, , The host of The Fastball Spec...


 2022-03-28  29m

episode 222: Episode CDVI...Spoiler Review of The Batman.

Anthony Ruttgaizer of the Handsome Genius Club podcast joins The Jedi Ras for an in depth review of Matt Reeves' The Batman.


 2022-03-11  1h4m

episode 221: Episode CDV...Spoiler Review Show..Peacemaker, Uncharted and more!

Sam Noir sits in to review Peacemaker, Uncharted, The Witcher, The Dr. Strange 2 trailer and more. 


 2022-03-01  1h33m

episode 220: Episode CDIV... Sam Noir and the R.A.I.D Anthology Vol. 4 : KLAATU

Sam Noir sits in to get hyped for the upcoming Kickstarter launch for the R.A.I.D Anthology Vol. 4 : KLAATU.


 2022-02-23  55m

episode 219: Episode CDIII...Josh Hawkes and Bitsy Tandem

"El Hawkez" Josh Hawkes returns for a new session of Two J's Later and a kickstarter spotlight featuring Bitsy Tandem and Tskuiame's Kenbujin.


 2022-01-10  1h13m