An Evening with Nirvana

A podcast where I talk to Doom content creators and game developers in order to get some insight into their process and take a look at the evolution of their work.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h39m. Bisher sind 41 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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The End of An Evening with Nirvana and a New Announcement

The 40th episode of An Evening with Nirvana will be the last episode of the show due to an increased workload making it challenge to keep up with. However, I have another announcement that will hopefully interest people who enjoyed the show: a new podcast with SoBad! All Patreon subscribers will just have their bonuses apply to the new show instead, so not much change there. Hoping to create some fun content in the future.


 April 7, 2023  12m

episode 10: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #40 - Dragonfly

Today I'm talking to Dragonfly. One of the most prolific Doom mappers you're likely to find, you may know him for some of his Cacoward-winning projects like Skulldash and Eviternity, or perhaps some of the many maps he's made for community projects such as Mayhem, Abyssal Speedmapping, and the Team Rocket CPs. These days you may even know him as a level designer for Prodeus...


 April 2, 2023  1h21m

episode 9: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #39 - Dubzzz

Today on the podcast I'm talking to Dubzzz (or you might know him as Bdubzzz), a Doom speedrunner and mapper who is known for his numerous contributions to community projects like Slaughtermax, Mayhem Orange, the Hellforge Speedmapping sessions, NoYe, and more, as well as for his speedruns. He currently has over 2600 demos recorded on DSDA with a mix of UV Max, Pacifist and D2all runs. He is also notoriously mute...


 March 26, 2023  1h13m

episode 8: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #38 - Rayzik

Today on the show I'm talking to Rayzik. Creator of maps for Slaughterfest 2012 and Slaughterfest 3, as well as the fantastic Neon Crater and the Cacoward runner up Judgment. You might also know them for their speedruns, which include Swim with the Whales, Stardate 20x6, and Swiftdeath among the nearly 300 demos they've submitted to DSDA. We talk about how speedrunning influences mapping, working on the slaughterfest wads, and the process of routing large and small maps...


 March 19, 2023  1h31m

episode 7: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #37 - American McGee

Today on the podcast I am talking to American McGee. Level designer for  Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, level and sound designer for Quake and Quake  2, creator of the extremely popular Alice series of games and now the  designer of a unique range of plushies that we'll get into later...


 March 5, 2023  1h27m

episode 6: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #36 - Alfonzo

Today on the podcast I am talking to Alfonzo. Mapper for a wide variety  of community projects such as Doom the Way Id Did 1 & 2, Abyssal  Speedmapping Sessions, and more, provider of midis to Mutiny and the  Alfonzone and the host of Doom Radio, the Doom podcast that started it all.  

We discuss Alfonzo's early wad reviewing days, single player and  multiplayer mapping, his process for midi making, and of course, Doom  Radio.


 February 27, 2023  1h46m

episode 5: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #35 - Mtrop

Today I'm talking to Matt Tropiano, also known as Mtrop. A long-time  community member, you'll likely know him for wads like Coffee Break and  Forsaken Overlook, as well as a major contributor to the Adventures of  Square 1 and 2. He's also created a number of useful tools for the  community over the years including Doom Struct, WadTools and Wadmerge...


 February 19, 2023  1h28m

episode 4: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #34 - Looper

Today on the podcast we're talking speedrunning, and I am speaking with  Looper. Known primarily for his world record runs for the Doom 2 d2all category, he is also an accomplished runner for a number of other wads,  with a number of Hell Revealed 2 Nomo world records and nearly 300 demos total submitted to DSDA.   We discuss Looper's first NoMo demos, his love of Doom multiplayer, and we get into the details of the Doom 2 UV Speed d2all.


 February 12, 2023  1h16m

episode 3: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #33 - Ukiro

Today on the podcast I'm talking to Ukiro, perhaps best known for  creating the OTEX texture pack as well as map 32 of Eviternity, but he's  also a long-time community member with solo mapping projects like  Tantrum and Venom and texture packs for GothicDM and The Darkening  series.  

We take a journey through Ukiro's early 1995 mapping years, his early  love of texture work, and his eventual release of OTEX.


 February 5, 2023  1h38m

episode 2: An Evening with Nirvana Episode #32 - Major Arlene

Today on the show I'm talking to Major Arlene. She's a Doom Youtuber, a  Cacoward contributing writer, and creator of GzDoom maps like  Technicolour Antichrist Box, The Deep, and most recently,  Break//Point//.  

We talk about learning UDMF mapping, Arlene's first ever map, her early  influences, and newer projects like Break//Point// and Dancing in the  Abyss.


 January 29, 2023  1h13m