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Blockchain is probably the biggest disruptive technology since the internet, it will bring many opportunities for entrepreneurs and the like, but navigating through them and knowing when is the time to strike will be the biggest obstacle many will face. Neal and Nathan, separated by the Atlantic Ocean but joined by their passion for blockchain, crypto and business, are your narrators and joyful companions in this dynamic digitizing age.



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      episode 167: #122 - The Visa Office

      Today I (Nathan) got up before the dawn to stand in line at the visa office to ask if I could pretty please stay in Germany. It was a long time to wait, and it got me thinking of how blockchain might apply here.  Spoiler alert: They gave it to me. I can ...



      episode 166: #123 - Yale has a crypto fund?

      The big players are indeed getting into crypto, with millions being poured into the market.  But why hasn't that yet resulted in a price spike?  Is the separation of the OTC market from the retail market priming the pump for a strong fourth quarter?  Or ...



      episode 165: #121 - All Aboard the Q4 Hype Train!

      There are a lot of indicators looking positive for a good finish to the year for crypto, and today Nathan and Neal drink a bit of the Kool-Aid and climb aboard the hype train.  Has the strong US Dollar been supressing the crypto markets?  Will the new NA...



      episode 164: #120 - Interview with John Wu, CEO of Sharespost DAG

      It's important to keep the fingers on the pulse of the institutional investors and financial markets. And these fingers are feeling the beat of the security token!   Today I talk with John Wu, CEO of the Digital Assets Group of Sharespost. John comes fro...



      episode 163: #119 - Blockchain Without Crypto?

      "I like blockchain but I don't like cryptocurrency"   It's a phrase that gets tossed around a lot at larger companies moving to experiment with blockchain projects.  Many companies are wary of cryptocurrency, partly because of shady practices of the 2017...



      episode 162: #118 - Interview with Phil Zamani, CEO of

      Today we speak with Phil Zamani, CEO of Aergo, a blockchain base protocol that uses sidechains as a way of balancing big companies' need for privacy and transparency at the same time. Phil comes from a background of working with open source projects such...



      episode 161: #117 - Blockchain 4 Africa

      With Neal away for a wedding, Nathan is joined by his good friend and chair of the Africa Research Group at Murdoch University to speak about Blockchain's potential for development in Africa.   This conversation is a leadup to an event on October the 5th...



      episode 160: #116 - The Crypto Game!

      It's time for the world's new favourite game show, The Crypto Game!   To a hammer, every problem is a nail, and to a blockchain person, every ...


       2018-09-17  11m

      episode 159: #115 - (PART 2) Interview with Rob Hanson, Senior Research Consultant at CSIRO

      Welcome to part two!  I was recently part of an academic research forum in Perth Australia where I had the honour to sit on a panel ...


       2018-09-15  31m

      episode 158: 114 - Interview with Rob Hanson, Senior Research Consultant at CSIRO. (Part 1)

      What happens when 2 podcasters interview each other? You're about to find out!   I was recently part of an academic research forum in Perth Australia where ...


       2018-09-14  18m