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Blockchain is probably the biggest disruptive technology since the internet, it will bring many opportunities for entrepreneurs and the like, but navigating through them and knowing when is the time to strike will be the biggest obstacle many will face. Neal and Nathan, separated by the Atlantic Ocean but joined by their passion for blockchain, crypto and business, are your narrators and joyful companions in this dynamic digitizing age.

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episode 214: #170 -Delisting and Harmony

Hello lovely listeners, today we talk with Nick White, cofounder of Harmony, a base-layer protocol that is trying to solve some of the scaling problems that come with the blockchain space. Scaling is a huge challenge in the blockchain space: how can we g...



episode 213: #169 - Charles Hoskinson, CEO and Cofounder of IOHK

Spring is here and there is a crypto rally around us! Crypto prices rallied last week giving everyone in the cryptoverse a bit of relief, and in the midst of that we had the opportunity to speak to Charles Hoskinson, cofounder of Ethereum, and Cofounder ...



episode 212: #168 - Interview with Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond

The long crypto winter has focused the blockchain world on enterprise projects with customers and solid business models, but we should not forget the importance of Layer One protocols! Behind the hype of STOs, finance platforms, and supply chain solution...



episode 211: #167 - What's at stake?

A week after the big exchange scandal and crypto seems largely unaffected, so Neal and Nathan discuss the future of Proof of Stake systems and whether staking will be the newest investment tool for large institutional investors.   -----------------------...



episode 210: #166 - meetup - Digital ID panel

Last week held a meetup in Berlin discussing the role of blockchain in digital ID and how it could make a positive social impact. Analysis in Chains was there to record it, so you didn't have to miss the discussion! On the panel wer...



episode 209: #165 - Inflated Volumes?

Bitcoin trading volumes are strong but the value, not so much.  Could it be that exchanges are inflating their volumes to look more impressive to the average trader? Is it just the small exchanges or are the big ones caught up as well?  And what does thi...



episode 208: #164 - Interview with Eli Khedouri, Human Protocol

We've all been there. We go to a website, go to log in, and have to prove we aren't a robot.  Each time we fill out a Captcha we are doing work to provide data that feeds machine learning algorithms run by big companies, and we're doing it for free!   Ma...


 2019-03-21  21m

episode 207: #163 - One more time around the circuit

We're starting to see movement. We've seen this before.  Altcoins are performing well relative to Bitcoin.  That means that people are getting a bit riskier, and moving to sell off their Bitcoin to explore more adventurous areas of the crypto market. We'...


 2019-03-18  15m

episode 206: #162 - Discussion with Dr. Mervyn Maistry, CEO of

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Dr Mervyn Maistry, CEO of, whose blockchain is tailor made for solving enterprise problems.   We spoke about the challenge "vulture capitalism" and how blockchain can address it, as wel...


 2019-03-14  31m

episode 205: #161 - How can data be self-sovereign?

A lot of people are making data plays on blockchain.  The concept of data self-sovereignty is the driving factor. How can I own my own data and not have a third party service make all the money by selling it?   That's an exciting topic but it can sometim...


 2019-03-11  9m