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Blockchain is probably the biggest disruptive technology since the internet, it will bring many opportunities for entrepreneurs and the like, but navigating through them and knowing when is the time to strike will be the biggest obstacle many will face. Neal and Nathan, separated by the Atlantic Ocean but joined by their passion for blockchain, crypto and business, are your narrators and joyful companions in this dynamic digitizing age.

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episode 16: #15 - Monero, more like Cash, less like Bitcoin

Neal and Nathan look at Monero, perceived as the defacto cryptocurrency of the underworld, but actually has many benefits for law-abiding citizens. In this episode ...


 2017-09-11  29m

episode 15: #14 China Strikes Back! - The Aftermath of the Chinese ICO Ban

"China brings down the Ban Hammer on ICOs!". Neal and Nathan assess the Bitcoin correction that was supposed to be a crash, but turned out ...


 2017-09-08  25m

episode 14: #13 - Applications - Exploring Cases for Blockchain Techncology

Nathan shares one of his special segments today, this time on Blockchain Applications. He explores various real world examples where blockchain has the potential to ...


 2017-09-04  13m

episode 13: #12 - Interview with Bitbond CEO, Radoslav Albrecht

Today's episode kicks off Neal and Nathan's fall season with an exclusive interview. Radoslav Albrecht is the founder and CEO of BitBond, one of the ...


 2017-09-01  29m

episode 12: #11 A Whopper of a Coin - It’s not about the burger!

Neal and Nathan explore the impact of Burger King's introduction of a theor own Cryptocurrency called the Whoppercoin. This groundbreaking move is more than a ...


 2017-08-28  24m

episode 11: #10 The Ripple Effect - Underhyped but a lot of Potential

The latest episode sees Neal and Nathan get ambitious, and try to take on the Ripple Cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin gets a lot of media attention, ...


 2017-08-25  30m

episode 10: #9 Bitcoin Cash Back from the Dead - Why is this happening and why are other Cryptos getting more attention?

Bitcoin Cash Back from the Dead - Why is this happening and why are other Cryptos getting more attention? Neal Nathan explore the recent Bitcoin ...


 2017-08-21  21m

episode 9: #8 Is NEO the One? Digging through the NEO hype, is it about the Tech or the Region? Or Both?

With NEO hype gripping Crypto markets, Nathan and Neal try to see if it is justified. Nathan breaks down the technical opportunities with the Technology, ...


 2017-08-18  24m

episode 8: #7 Nutshells, What is a wallet, and Australian Crypto

While Neal takes a sick day, Nathan talks about the ins and outs of crypto wallets, and comments on the Australian government exploring making its ...


 2017-08-14  17m

episode 7: #6 The Delaware Decision - How an overlooked piece of news could spell big things for Blockchain

Neal and Nathan discuss the potential opportunities for Blockchain thanks to a law that was passed in Delaware allowing many Fortune 500 companies to use ...


 2017-08-10  23m