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episode 129: LG’s promise and Google’s experiments

We have a ton of housecleaning to take care of right off the bat including the Moto RAZR, Whatsapp’s dark mode, MWC 2020 and more. Plus, we take a look at LG’s implementation of Android 10 on the LG V50 with dual screen. Speaking of dual screens,...



episode 128: A Samsung fanboy’s wet dream

Fresh off the CES Train, we have some housecleaning to do. We chat about the Escobar Fold, Google hitting a trillion dollar valuation, and in what ways iOS is better than our favorite OS (spoiler alert: not a lot of ways). Our main story is the...



episode 127: #CES2020 was amazing!

Jonathan Feist leads David Imel, Hadlee Simons, and C. Scott Brown for a roundtable discussion of all the top showings at CES 2020. It was a great show. We’ve got a folding screen laptop from Lenovo, a gorgeous Chromebook from Samsung, new codecs...



episode 126: #CES2020 Preview and Xiaomi’s insecurity

C. Scott Brown joins Joe and Adam to talk about what he’s excited about for CES next week. Looking back on a decade of Android we revisit some of the most iconic Android phones from the 2010s. Plus we look ahead to some things we’d like to see out...



episode 125: Google vs. Fortnite, Round 2019

It’s the last podcast of the decade and we’re looking back on the 2010s, and 2019, and looking ahead to 2020. What were the biggest tech fails of 2019? What were the best apps? What were the best games? And what will 5G look like in 2020? It’s...


 2019-12-28  57m

episode 124: Best of Android 2019: And the winner is...

Every year, Android Authority looks to award the best smartphone released. But if you ask 50 different reviewers what the best phone of the year is, you’ll get 30 different ideas. But if you look at just the objective numbers, only one stands above...


 2019-12-22  50m

episode 122: Google > Ring. Snapdragon > Apple A13. 2 Zooms > Zoom.

OnePlus has a concept phone coming to CES and Samsung has a Star Wars phone out now. The Snapdragon 865 finally beat its Apple counterpart - kinda. The New York Times investigated the location data obtained from a data mining company and it’s scary...


 2019-12-21  1h15m

episode 122: DJI Mavic Mini Podcast Review: Small but mighty

Jonathan Feist from joins Adam to talk about what might be the best bargain in tech in 2019. The DJI Mavic mini is a tiny powerhouse, that skirts a couple of rules on its way to your stocking. Is this the best drone for beginners? Is...


 2019-12-18  39m

episode 121: Google dropping features and fancy watches featuring The Mr. Mobile, Michael Fisher

The Mr. Mobile a.k.a. Michael Fisher drops by and joins Adam and Jonathan this week. Samsung has (NOT!) sold 1 million Galaxy Fold units, and we’re talking about why or why not. We take a look at the latest Moto360 coming from Motorola (more like...


 2019-12-14  57m

episode 120: Meet Google’s new boss, same as the old boss

Adam, Jonathan, and Joe discuss the Escobar Fold 1 and the...unique marketing approach for this phone. Qualcomm’s Hawaii-based processor event dropped and with it the Snapdragons 865, 765, and 765G.  Speaking of G, there will be 5G’s with...


 2019-12-07  56m