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Tech nerds and Android enthusiasts unite each week on the Android Authority Podcast. If you are looking for an entertaining overview of recent technology news and culture, join Joshua Vergara, Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, Andrew Grush, Nirave Gondhia, John Dye and other guests from around the tech community and from within our family at Android Authority, TabTimes and SoundGuys.



      Podcast Final - AAP/FDP #115

      Thank you all for listening. From all of us, good bye. - Josh, Jonathan, Joe, Nirave, Lanh, David, Adam. This is the final Android Authority Podcast.


       2017-07-18  1h57m

      OnePlus 5 Guys | podcast

      Josh, Joe, Jonathan, Lanh, Nirave and David get together on this second-last (for real this time) podcast. Just a check in to prepare for the final.


       2017-07-11  19m

      114: Word of the day: Penultimate

      Joins us for one of the final Android Authority Podcasts. Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist, David Imel and Adam Molina talk HTC, Wallpapers and more.


       2017-07-04  1h8m

      113: Salty about being salty

      In one of our final episodes of the podcast, we talk OnePlus 5 and the LG V30!


       2017-06-26  1h13m

      112: E3 and Teddy Bears

      Jonathan, Joe, David and Adam get together to chat E3, OnePlus 5, Pixel phone and features and discuss failing manufacturers. Enjoy AA Podcast #112.


       2017-06-19  1h9m

      111: Assisted Off the Grid

      Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy, Jonathan Feist and David Imel talk HTC U 11 and personal assistants on Android Authority Podcast episode 111. Trigger warning.


       2017-06-12  1h16m

      Podcast Special: Computex 2017

      Coming to you to talk Computex 2017 in Taipei, Joshua Vergara is joined by Nicole Scott, Chris Velazco and Michael Josh with a late night podcast special.


       2017-06-08  56m

      110: The Essential show

      Joe, Jonathan, David and Adam chat tech while Josh is at Computex. Essential Phone, LG V30, DJI Goggles and how old is your phone? Enjoy Episode #110


       2017-06-05  1h2m

      109: Spark Watch

      Josh, Joe, Jonathan and David team up to talk Google I/O, smart watches, DJI Spark, HTC U11 and more. Enjoy Android Authority Podcast #109.


       2017-05-29  1h10m

      Special: Google I/O 2017

      Josh, Kris, Nirave, David and Edgar chat all things Google I/O 2017. An impressive show as insight into the future of Google powered computing.


       2017-05-23  1h20m