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Animal spirits is a show about markets, life, and investing. Join Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson as they talk about what they're reading, writing, listening to and watching. Look for new episodes every Wednesday morning. See our disclosures here -

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episode 52: The Next Subprime

The housing market, homebuilder stocks, how much mortgage rates matter to the economy, what if there is no next subprime, how to think about inflation and your portfolio, the difficulty of owning bonds when inflation is rising, the Fed's thoughts on inver


 2018-10-24  35m

episode 51: The Healthy Correction

The current market correction, the myth of the 401k market floor, the problem with 401k loans, the downfall of Sears, the massive size of the student loan market, what's holding back young homebuyers, value investing in taxi medallions, Amazon wants to kn


 2018-10-17  33m

A Committee of Geniuses (EP.50)

The rise of social media in finance, reflections on the humble beginnings of this podcast, the case for investing in bonds, more hedge funds closing, your children are eating your retirement savings, the myth of short-termism by public companies, Amazon's


 2018-10-10  40m

Buy the Housing Dip (EP.49)

the new Howard Marks book on cycles, why super-investors may not be as helpful as you think, how the first Vanguard index fund was run by a part-time worker, SoftBank's lofty tech aspirations, choosing the right asset allocation for your portfolio, our be


 2018-10-03  36m

Looming Disaster (EP.48)

Bond market losses, why stocks diversify bonds, pot stocks & mini bubbles, Amazon's new microwave, the massive decline in world poverty, parallels to the 1990s, why retirement calculators aren't perfect but can still be useful and much more.


 2018-09-26  37m

Borrowing From the Future (EP.47)

Taking financial advice from billionaires, Ray Dalio's work on debt cycles, how to think about government debt levels, why it's so hard to quantify the true amount in index funds, millennial banking habits, shrinking hedge funds, investing in foreign mark


 2018-09-19  37m

How the Financial Crisis Affected Millennials (EP.46)

How the financial crisis impacted young people, why the Fed pays attention to the 1970s, AQR's recent struggles, the difference between insurance and investing, how much money you'll spend in retirement, Kevin Garnett's accountant, Rusty the stock-picking


 2018-09-12  40m

Do We Need a Recession? (EP.45)

The FIRE movement, why you're paying so little for stuff, the private jet college tour, the new technology sector, bounties on new brokers, why celebrities are terrible with their money and much more.


 2018-09-05  32m

When Hitler Took Cocaine (EP.44)

What 8 different market indicators are telling us, the growth of the intangible economy, chart crime sell signals, the decline in high schoolers playing football, the poor performance of managed futures funds, a bad idea by Chicago, can indexing become to


 2018-08-29  38m

Why Andy Dufresne Would Make a Good Money Manager (EP.43)

On this week's show we're joined by Morgan Housel. We discuss Elon Musk's surprising announcement, the odds we give Tesla for going private, the bubble prospects in venture capital, the impressive rise of Tinder, Peloton & Slack, is loss aversion a fallac


 2018-08-22  32m