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Animal spirits is a show about markets, life, and investing. Join Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson as they talk about what they're reading, writing, listening to and watching. Look for new episodes every Wednesday morning. See our disclosures here -

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Phony Happiness (EP.17)

Why our memories play tricks on us in the markets, the pros & cons of private equity, the permanent portfolio, scary market predictions and more.


 2018-02-21  39m

The Meltdown (EP.16)

On this week's show, we discuss our thoughts on the market correction, why there's been nowhere to hide from the losses, the narratives surrounding the sell-off and more.


 2018-02-14  32m

The Noobwhale (EP.15)

On this week's show we discuss the current market sell-off, the hidden risks in alternative investments, why women make better financial decisions than men and much more.


 2018-02-07  41m

Cash on the Sidelines (EP.14)

On this week's show we debate whether the Fed has really been punishing savers, take a step back and admire the current bull market, talk about the best black swan hedges and more.


 2018-01-31  38m

Nobody Wants to Listen to Your Podcast (EP.13)

We offer career advice to a young person starting out in finance, discuss our rules for writing effectively, talk about the craziest story we've read on the crypto craze and more.


 2018-01-17  27m

The Melt-Up (EP.12)

On this week's show, we discuss the prospects for a melt-up in the stock market, look back at the long history of bubbles in stocks, try to figure out the best investment you can make in 2018 and more.


 2018-01-10  26m

Hedge Fund Myths & Casual Investing Advice (EP.11)

On today's show, we discuss what to do if you've been sitting in cash during the bull market, go through Ben's latest portfolio changes, do some myth-busting about hedge funds and more.


 2018-01-03  36m

The Happiness Smile (EP.10)

On today's show we talk about how the new tax reform will impact your paycheck next year, why happiness declines for most people until they hit their 50s, our favorite books, movies & TV shows of 2017, and more.


 2017-12-27  32m

Invest Like the Worst (EP.09)

On today's show, we discuss some passages from Michael's old trading diary, the reason millennials should be praying for poor market returns, why you should read more fiction and more.


 2017-12-20  29m

May Day (EP.08)

On today's show, we discuss Jack Bogle's dire warnings for pension funds, why women make better investors than men, how financial advisors can give good advice when their clients ask about Bitcoin and more.


 2017-12-13  30m