Another Path

Chase, Griff, Justin and Ryan sit down and roll some dice to tell some stories. Check us out at, @anotherpathpod on twitter, and the rest of our network of shows at !

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 56m. Bisher sind 147 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein zweiwöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 16: Aegis: The Silver Scythe

The Aegis Three start to piece together the Plainswatch mystery, and make a new friend.


 2017-12-06  1h1m

episode 15: Aegis: The Uptown Run

The Ageis Three push deeper into the city of Plainswatch, and find something/someone/someones unsettling along the way.


 2017-11-22  1h7m

episode 14: Aegis: Father Crow

The Aegis Three find themselves in the city of Plainswatch, and after assessing their situation find themselves on troubles doorstep with the locals.


 2017-11-08  52m

episode 13: Aegis: Don't Flip The Cape

Zafiir, Mordecai, and Jackson take a day in the city of Norwalk to prepare for the next leg of their journey.


 2017-10-25  52m

episode 12: Aegis: The Sleeping Seer

The Aegis Three (and Addie) attack the strange man in the headmaster's office and descend far below the Guiteworth Academy.


 2017-10-11  1h31m

episode 11: Aegis: Guiteworth Academy

The Ageis Three head north to Norwalk and meet a new friend.


 2017-09-27  1h3m

episode 10: Aegis: The Deep

The Aegis seeks The Deep, and runs security for fun and profit (or, more realistically, for a good cover).


 2017-09-13  50m

episode 9: Aegis: The Final Flight

Zafiir, Jackson & Mordecai prepare to go west and do what they can to keep themselves entertained on the journey out.


 2017-08-30  50m

episode 8: Aegis: The Wanderer

Jackson, Mordecai and Zafiir make a stand in an other-worldly plane and make a decision that will be felt for the rest of their lives.


 2017-08-16  47m

episode 7: Aegis: The Festival of Wax

The Wanderer, one of the warlock patrons of magic, is under attack. Can our heroes defend it?


 2017-08-02  52m