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episode 43: NCAA’s legal woes: Antitrust challenges from student-athletes continue

Jay Levine talks with Luke Fedlam about all of the legal issues facing the NCAA regarding a student athlete’s ability to financially benefit from their name, image and likeness.


 2020-06-24  28m

episode 42: Antitrust during COVID-19 Part 3: Planning for the future

With any large crisis, litigation follows and that will certainly be the case with the COVID-19 pandemic. In the third and final installment of our podcast series on consumer protection and antitrust concerns during COVID-19, Jay Levine, host and partner...


 2020-05-04  25m

episode 41: Antitrust during COVID-19 Part 2: Price gouging and hoarding of supplies

If you’ve been to the store lately, you know there are a few things that are hard to find and others are increasing in price. But when does stocking up turn into hoarding or demand driving up prices turn into price gouging? In the second of a three-part ...


 2020-04-27  30m

episode 40: Antitrust during COVID-19 Part 1: Concerns about collaboration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen companies collaborating on some great ideas. Companies should keep in mind, however, that the antitrust laws still apply and those who don’t follow them may pay dearly later. In the first of a three-part series ab...


 2020-04-20  24m

episode 39: Regulation of cryptocurrency

In this episode, Jay and Porter Wright attorney Brett Thornton dive into e-currency, with a focus on cryptocurrency. They start by covering the basics: what it is, the different types and the technology that facilitates the exchanges. Brett explains the ...


 2018-11-06  24m

What does it take to bring foreign companies to the US?

In this episode, Jay talks to Oded Shenkar, Ford Motor Company Chair in Global Business Management and Ohio State professor, about the challenges and opportunities ...


 2017-06-13  42m

Private equity deals

What is on the horizon for private equity deals in 2017? What does the market look like for buyers, sellers and foreign investors? Jay talks ...


 2017-06-07  21m

Part two: Planning for a data breach

Matt Curtin and Jay continue their discussion of data breaches and cyber security focusing on how to construct an incident response plan and why having ...


 2016-09-08  27m

Consolidation in the energy industry

Jay welcomes colleague Brett Thornton, chair of Porter Wright’s oil and gas practice, as they examine the oil and gas industry in the antitrust arena. ...


 2016-09-06  27m

Part one: Planning for a data breach

Jay and cyber security expert, Matt Curtin of Interhack, discuss how companies can plan for data breaches and how knowing what you don’t know is ...


 2016-09-01  18m