APA Journals Dialogue

APA Journals Dialogue is an audio podcast series featuring interviews with authors of exciting research recently published in an APA journal. In each episode, authors describe their findings, methodologies, and implications for future work. The podcast series is an ideal resource for researchers, practitioners, and students in the behavioral and social sciences.




      Episode 27: The Past and Future of Neuropsychology: Introduction to a Special Issue

      Drs. Gregory Brown and Erin Bigler discuss the past twenty five years of progress in neuropsychological research and theory.


       2018-02-01  n/a

      Episode 26: The Co-Occurrence of PTSD and Opioid Use Disorder in Opioid Agonist Therapy

      Dr. Anthony Ecker discusses the usefulness of opioid agonist therapy in treating patients with comorbid opioid use disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.


       2017-10-16  n/a

      Episode 25: Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Theory of Mind Development

      In this episode of APA Journals Dialogue, Dr. Miriam Beauchamp discusses the impact of mild traumatic brain injury on the development of theory of mind in children.


       2017-09-28  n/a

      Episode 24: Rurality's Relationship to Suicide Risk

      In this episode of APA Journals Dialogue, Ms. Kendra Thorne examines the relationship between rural origin, post-traumatic stress, and suicide risk.


       2017-08-23  n/a

      Episode 23: Introducing the June 2017 Special Issue of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal

      In this episode of APA Journals Dialogue, Dr. Crystal Blyler examines various aspects of disability policy research.


       2017-08-02  n/a

      Episode 22: Effects of Drinking Patterns on Prospective Memory

      In this episode of APA Journals Dialogue, Dr. Sarah Raskin discusses the impact of heavy drinking on college students' prospective memory capabilities.


       2017-06-26  n/a

      Episode 21: Introducing the June Special Issue of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research

      In this episode of APA Journals Dialogue, Dr. Kenneth Nowack discusses the personal and systemic causes of fatigue in the workplace.


       2017-06-07  n/a

      Episode 20: The Usefulness of Video Interventions in Pediatric Primary Care

      In this episode of APA Journals Dialogue, Dr. Andrew Riley discusses the utility of brief multimedia interventions for parents of patients in pediatric primary care settings.


       2017-05-17  n/a

      Episode 19: Effects of ADHD on Executive Functioning in College Students

      Drs. Lisa Weyandt, Arthur Anastopoulos, and George DuPaul discuss the differences in executive functioning in college students with and without ADHD.


       2017-05-09  n/a

      Episode 18: The Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology

      Drs. Roman Kotov and Robert Krueger present the findings of the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology consortium.


       2017-04-20  n/a