Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Application Security Weekly decrypts development for the Security Professional - exploring how to inject security into their organization’s Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in a fluid and transparent way; Learn the tools, techniques, and processes necessary to move at the speed of DevOps (even if you aren’t a DevOps shop yet). The target audience for Application Security Weekly spans the gamut of Security Engineers and Practitioners that need to level-up their skills in the Application Security space - as well as enabling “Cyber Curious” developers to get involved in the Application Security process at their organizations. To a lesser extent, we hope to arm Security Managers and Executives with the knowledge to be conversational in the realm of DevOps - and to provide the right questions to ask their colleagues in development, along with the metrics to think critically about the answers they receive.

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Cheesy Tomato Dreams - ASW #181

It is hard, if not impossible, to secure something you don’t know exists. While security professionals spend countless hours on complex yet interesting issues that *may* be exploitable in the future, basic attacks are occurring every day against...



Something For Everybody - ASW #180

This isn't a story about NPM even though it's inspired by NPM. Twice. The maintainer of the "colors" NPM library intentionally changed the library's behavior from its expected functionality to printing garbage messages. The library was exhibiting the...



Big Smiles - ASW #179

There's an understandable focus on "shift left" in modern DevOps and appsec discussions. So what does it take to broaden what we call appsec into something effective for modern apps, whether they're on the web, mobile, or cloud? We'll talk about...



Fuzzing Like It's 1999 - ASW #178

What does a collaborative approach to security testing look like? What does it take to tackle an entire attack class as opposed to fixing a bunch of bugs? If we can shift from vulnerability mitigation to vulnerability elimination, then appsec would be...


 2021-12-21  1h14m

Vulnerability Phone - ASW #177

This week, we welcome Francesco Cipollone - CEO & Founder - AppSec Phoenix Ltd, to discuss DevSecOps, Compliance GRC, and the Future of Application Security! In the AppSec News, Mike & John talk: All about Log4Shell, Mozilla's BigFix bug and...


 2021-12-14  1h10m

Cyber Monday - ASW #176

In today’s session Chris Wysopal will address a number of topics with Mike, including systemic risk in software development and how developers and security teams can work together to meet common goals and solve the speed vs. security dilemma....


 2021-11-30  1h15m

Max Headroom - ASW #175

This week, we welcome Liam Randall, CEO at Cosmonic, to talk about wasmCloud - Distributed Computing With WebAssembly! CNCF wasmCloud helps developers to build distributed microservices in WebAssembly that they can run across clouds, browsers, and...


 2021-11-23  1h9m

Eyes Open - ASW #174

This week, we welcome Ryan Lloyd, Chief Product Officer at Guardsquare, to discuss Mobile Application Security! Mobile applications have a unique attack surface. The tools and techniques being used to compromise these environments are constantly...


 2021-11-16  1h10m

Schools of Magic - ASW #173

This week, Mike, John and Dan McKinney from Cloudsmith will be discussing SBOM and what that looks like for your applications. Other topics include: cloud-native tooling for your software supply chain, the history of provenance, GPG Keys & signing...


 2021-11-09  1h13m

Actual Secrets - ASW #172

This week, we welcome Peter Klimek, Director of Technology, Office of the CTO at Imperva! Peter will talk to the challenges he's hearing from customers and partners about managing the security of APIs and what considerations organizations need to make...


 2021-11-02  1h16m