Application Security Weekly (Audio)

Application Security Weekly decrypts development for the Security Professional - exploring how to inject security into their organization’s Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in a fluid and transparent way; Learn the tools, techniques, and processes necessary to move at the speed of DevOps (even if you aren’t a DevOps shop yet). The target audience for Application Security Weekly spans the gamut of Security Engineers and Practitioners that need to level-up their skills in the Application Security space - as well as enabling “Cyber Curious” developers to get involved in the Application Security process at their organizations. To a lesser extent, we hope to arm Security Managers and Executives with the knowledge to be conversational in the realm of DevOps - and to provide the right questions to ask their colleagues in development, along with the metrics to think critically about the answers they receive.

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Halloween Horror - ASW #169

This week, we welcome Tom Gibson, Senior Staff Engineer at Cloudsmith, to talk about Modernizing the Management of Your Software Supply Chain! This week in the AppSec News, Mike and John talk: The Twitch breach, a path traversal in Apache httpd,...


 2021-10-12  1h13m

Opposite Direction - ASW #168

This week, we welcome Hillary Benson, Director, Product Management of Secure & Protect at Gitlab, to discuss The Power of Developer-First Security! In the AppSec News, John and Mike discuss Prototype pollution vulns, funding open source project...


 2021-10-05  1h10m

Skills & Knowledge - ASW #167

This week, we welcome Anita D'Amico, VP, Market Development at Synopsys, and Patrick Carey, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Synopsys, to discuss AppSec Orchestration/Correlation & DevSecOps Efficiency! In the AppSec News: The Great Leak...


 2021-09-28  1h11m

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game - ASW #166

This week, we welcome Jeff Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Contrast Security, to discuss Transforming Modern Software Development with Developer-first Application Security! Modern software development demands a different approach...


 2021-09-21  1h9m

Drive - ASW #165

This week, we welcome Manish Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of ShiftLeft, to discuss Findings From the 2021 AppSec Shift Left Progress Report! Data from the ShiftLeft customer report shows that companies that have rebuilt their core testing processes...


 2021-09-14  1h13m

Magical Forest - ASW #164

This week, we welcome Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, to discuss A DevOps Perspective on Risk Tolerance & Risk Transfer! In the segment Mike and Caroline will discuss Risk Tolerance and Risk Transfer. They'll touch on the...


 2021-08-31  1h6m

Strange New Clouds - ASW #163

This week, we welcome Shubhra Kar, Global CTO and GM of Products & IT at The Linux Foundation, to discuss Challenges in Open Source Application Security! In the AppSec News: BlackBerry addresses BadAlloc bugs, glibc fixes a fix, more snprintf...


 2021-08-24  1h11m

Time Traveling - ASW #162

This week, we welcome Mike Rothman, President & Co-founder at DisruptOps, to discuss DevSecOps - Making It Real! In the AppSec News, Bug bounty report that cleverly manipulates a hash for profit, Allstar GitHub app to enforce security policies,...


 2021-08-17  1h8m

Thinking Alike - ASW #161

This week, we welcome Tom Hudson, Security Research Team Lead at Detectify, to discuss Securing Modern Web Apps: Development Techniques are Changing! In the AppSec News, Hardware hacking for authn bypass and analyzing IoT RNG, Request Smuggling in...


 2021-08-11  1h6m

Shrug & Move On - ASW #160

This week, we welcome Maggie Jauregui, Offensive Security Researcher at Intel, to discuss Platform Firmware Security! Firmware security is complex and continues to be an industry challenge. In this podcast we'll talk about the reasons firmware...


 2021-08-03  1h12m