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episode 193: Gaming Myths Vol.3

***This podcast contains adult themes so if there's any little-uns about you can either stuff some cotton wool in their ears or tell them they're in for a treat, up to you!*** We've now covered EVERY GAMING MYTH THERE HAS BEEN AND EVER WILL BE! Well, not...



episode 192: Jon Hare & Gustav Hedenborg - Interview

Jon Hare is the football game pioneer (Sensible Soccer, SWOS), Gustav Hedenborg is the latter day football game guru (Pro Evolution Soccer series) and they've now joined forces on the exciting Sociable Soccer. It was only right to get them both on the po...



episode 191: The console of a thousand names...

Like seriously, wtf?? So it's not a thousand but it's about twenty which is as ridiculous as its marketing. The PC Engine (as we'll call it here in the show notes) is a thing of wonder at Arcade Attack as none of us owned one. Why? We shouted "rise from ...



episode 190: Mortal Kombat 2

Do we cover Mortal Kombat too much? Probably. But we love it so we'll keep on doing it mwahahahahahahahaaaa! MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT...two was quite the feat on arcade and home ports but how good was/is it? Rob's bringing the pain yet again as the ...



episode 189: Alex Hall (Ben Drowned) - Interview

Ben Drowned, the Creepypasta story inspired by a haunted Majora's Mask cartridge was a big hit among gamers. It also struck quite a chord with our Adrian who of course did our one and only audiobook on this story a few years ago.   We're pleased to welco...



episode 188: Evercade review and the importance (or not) of physical media

The much-hyped Evercade dropped earlier this year and appears to have been a commercial success but is the thing any good? Nathan's sent us a unit to review which Adrian promptly bought off him (bit of a clue how this is gonna go there). James joins us i...


 2020-09-17  1h40m

episode 187: Our Top 25 SEGA Master System Games

Our Mega Drive Top 25 was such a disaster we thought we'd do it all again for its older brother! No spoilers (as usual) but we can divulge that we've brought in our resident 'Master System' specialist to make up the numbers and mix it up. Please welcome ...


 2020-09-10  1h36m

episode 185: Gaming Myths Vol.2

*Warning - this podcast contains adult themes (LOL) so it's up to you to shield your offspring or those of a sensitive disposition. Or let them loose on the madness!* Adult theme jokes aside we're back! With another gaming myths podcast! I'd like to say ...


 2020-09-03  1h35m

episode 186: Australian Takeover!!

This has been a long (ish) time coming. Covid poses its own problems but it also opens up new opportunities. We invited three of our mates from the other side of the world - ...Since Spacies (Brian); Sega Master Tim (Tim); and The Top Loader (Todd) - to ...


 2020-08-27  2h2m

episode 184: Michael Latham (SEGA) - Interview

Oh we've a real treat for you SEGA fans this week! SEGA's 'Mr No' Michael Latham, the Eternal Champions creator had a mammoth chat (over two hours) with our Adrian about everything and anything! We won't spoil the surprise too much but our highlights inc...


 2020-08-20  2h29m