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A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly retro gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob @ We cover classic video games, retro news and topics and interview industry legends.

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episode 218: Retro Gaming News - Sept 2021

James makes his long awaited hosting debut on Arcade Attack, and boy, is he off to a flyer! With so much news around the retro gaming scene, we thought it was time to rattle through some of the biggest news headlines and some more niche stories that may ...



episode 217: Mike Rouse (Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft & Anstream) - Interview

We love all our interviewees, this is fact. But every now and then we’ll have someone on who really blows us away. Mike Rouse’s work is phenomenal. One of Sony’s brightest talents he went on to help The Getaway (PS2) win a BAFTA in one of his first jobs....



episode 216: Current gen (but not really as none of us can get a PS5) gaming chat

On a retrogaming podcast? Are you kidding me?! Sort of. Our journey into the cold wastelands of Patreon has opened up a few opportunities to do different things. Adrian's mum's erotic novel is one (we're all petrified, don't worry) and the opportunity to...



episode 215: The Infamous SEGA Testing Team in the '90s! Feat. Erik Wahlberg, Joe Cain, Kim Rogers & Jeff Junio

Want to learn more about the infamous SEGA testing department in the 90s? Well, hear some amazing stories from the people who were living and breathing SEGA in the good old days of gaming! Erik Wahlberg, Joe Cain, Kim Rogers & Jeff Junio share some amazi...



episode 214: Episode 0: My mum wrote an erotic novel

This is it. This is when Adrian finally has a breakdown! His dear mum is now a published author and we couldn't be more proud. But, it's a tad saucy. Have a little taster of a series exclusive to our Patreon backers. I'll say nothing more. You can buy Sh...



episode 213: Sound Test Vol.3 - Amiga POWER

We don't capitalise much but the latest Sound Test effort from our Keith certainly deserves it - Amiga POWER! Dylan stole some of the more well-known tracks for his driving mix in 2020 but Keith didn't need to dig deep to find some absolute beauties. Fr...



episode 212: Howard Scott Warshaw - The man who "destroyed" an industry

Howard Scott Warshaw left an undeniable mark on the video game industry! After creating the amazing Yars' Revenge for the Atari 2600, it seemed Howard would become one of the true pioneers of the video game industry... In fact, he would almost single han...


 2021-08-10  1h20m

episode 211: A tribute to our friend Michael Latham

The creator of Eternal Champions was a friend and (amazingly) a fan of the show. His passing at such a young age came as a shock to us all. We wanted to pay tribute to an amazing man so here's a little bit of AA discussion followed by some lovely intervi...


 2021-08-04  1h30m

episode 210: We're back, baby!

We're back and boy it's been too long! Good news, bad news, sad news, a little teaser of what's to come from us in the near future, it's all here! Like what we do? Please support us on Patreon: Fancy discussing this podcast? ...


 2021-07-28  31m

episode 209: The 5 Craziest Video Game Consoles - Apple Pippin, Pioneer LaserActive & the KFConsole - Part One

From the Apple Pippin to the Pioneer LaserActive and the Super Lady Cassette Vision we run down 5 of the most obscure and weird gaming consoles to hit the market. The end of an era?! Possibly? The end of the Arcade Attack podcast forever.....?! HELL NO! ...


 2021-02-04  1h11m