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A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly retro gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob @ We cover classic video games, retro news and topics and interview industry legends.

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episode 209: The Craziest Consoles Part 1 - Plus a Sad Goodbye, For Now...

The end of an era?! Possibly? The end of the Arcade Attack podcast forever.....?! HELL NO! (Please excuse my language). Yup, we have some sad news to share to our lovely listeners! we are stepping back for a bit to recharge the batteries and go on a well...


 2021-02-04  1h11m

episode 208: Murder, She Wrote - The Video Game?!

Ever fancy stepping into the shoes of Jessica Fletcher? If so, all your dreams have come true! Yup, a Murder, She Wrote video game was released in 2009 and got Rob very curious indeed!  Rob discusses one of the weirdest games to ever hit the PC and is on...


 2021-02-03  43m

episode 207: Erik Wahlberg (SEGA/SegaSoft) - Interview

Erik Wahlberg was a hugely respected producer at SEGA and EA. He worked on so many classic titles such as Virtua Fighter, Ristar, Eternal Champions, Knockout Kings and lots more in-between! He also discusses the fascinating story behind SegaSoft and crea...


 2021-01-21  2h10m

episode 206: Sound Test Vol.2 - My Life in Racing Games

Keith's back with another music pod! At last!! Was it worth the wait? You betcha! A tale of how young Keith fell in love with 8-bit SEGA racing games, then 16-bit SEGA racing games, then SEGA arcade racing games, you get the hint (hahahahahha). But serio...


 2021-01-14  1h36m

episode 205: Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Game Urbanist & Virtual Cities) - Interview

Konstantinos Dimopoulos is a hugely respected game urbanist and designer! His role is to create the cities and worlds inside your favourite video games! This amazing role is something I never really knew existed so it was an honour to hear how a city and...


 2021-01-07  59m

episode 204: AA Bonus Stage - Ryan Rebalkin Interview

I (Adrian) had the true honour of interviewing one of my favourite podcast hosts on our second ever Arcade Attack: Bonus Stage Podcast interview! I get the chance to chat with Ryan Rebalkin who creates the awesome Going the Distance: The Rocky & Creed Se...


 2021-01-04  1h1m

episode 203: Our Top 25 N64 Games

Laugh at us once more as we come up with a "definitive" console Top 25 using strange algorithms based on whoever's hosting the episode. This week it's Dylan's turn to host the N64 top 25 as he's barely played 20 N64 games (better leave it to the experts ...


 2020-12-31  1h11m

episode 202: AA's 2020 Quiz Time Shenanigans - a 200th episode celebration!

Let's not beat about the bush, this is now our 200th episode extravaganza as the drunk mailbox episode was a complete write-off for several reasons. Will it ever see the light of day? Possibly. Might be something to tease to our future Patreon backers, h...


 2020-12-24  1h13m

episode 201: SEGA Chat - Feat. Michael Latham

For our 199th episode we thought it only right to wax lyrical about our favourite ever video game company - SEGA. Favourite SEGA consoles, favourite games, favourite arcade games, memories - it's all here, for two whole hours! Ex-SEGA supremo (and, amazi...


 2020-12-10  2h12m

episode 200: AA Bonus Stage - Arseblog

In the first of our monthly bonus episodes (hopefully released first Monday of every month) for our regulars, Adrian takes on the popular Arsenal podcaster Andrew Mangan from the Arseblog Arsecast in a chat that covers how Andrew became so famous, interv...


 2020-12-07  56m