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A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly retro gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and James @ We will cover whole episodes on single retro gaming classics, discuss the latest retro news and topics, broadcast interviews with some of the true legends of the industry or whatever else may take our fancy! Like what we do? Please support us on Patreon: Or, buy us a coffee on Ko-fi:

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episode 262: Gaming News Roundup June 2022 - Patreon LIVE special

James is back with an extra special retro news round-up episode! From fizzy drinks aimed at gamers, to Sonic Origins and the Sonic 3 can of worms. A brand new SNES game and are PlayStation finally looking to preserve and honour their retro classics? We a...


 2022-07-13  1h17m

episode 261: Mike Lamb Interview - Ocean Software Legend

Enjoy this fun interview with Ocean Software legend Mike Lamb. Mike made his name in gaming by creating Steve Davis Snooker, he then moved to Ocean where he created the really popular Batman and Robocop games. He also worked on Top Gun, Renegade and othe...


 2022-07-06  51m

episode 260: The Story of Kapow! - Matt Dawson Interview

Learn how Matt Dawson started Kapow! Matt's love of gaming has led him to host gaming events at some of the biggest music festivals in the UK. Matt shares some great stories of how he started his business, his love of gaming and which consoles and games ...


 2022-06-29  1h11m

episode 259: Video Game Music Covers Vol.1

James has dug up his favourite video game music covers for your enjoyment. Consider this volume 1 of many to come. Like what we do? Please consider supporting us on Patreon. Fancy discussing this podcast? Fancy suggesting a topic of conversation? Please ...


 2022-06-22  40m

episode 258: Tami Borowick (LucasArts/Monkey Island) - Interview

Tami Borowick made a huge name while working at at LucasArts and worked on both The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge. Learn how Guybrush Threepwood was bought to life and how Tami had a huge impact on these classic titles. ...


 2022-06-15  1h47m

episode 257: Rare Dreamcast Games Vol. 2

Dylan's finally gotten round to doing volume two of his "rare" Dreamcast games. Illbleed, Sega Extreme Sports and MoHo (Ball Breakers) take centre stage. Check out Dyl's vid of volume 1 here: Like what we do? Please consider ...


 2022-06-08  44m

episode 256: Martyn Brown (Team17) - Interview

Martyn Brown helped create the legendary Team17, and had a hand in making some truly classic titles such as Alien Breed, Superfrog, Body Blows and Worms. Get a real inside view of how this celebrated video game company rose to the top during the '90s in ...


 2022-06-01  53m

episode 255: Top 25 PS2 Games!

Is this the definitive list for possibly the best games console ever made? Er, maybe not, but we had fun recording it anyway! The AA crew all chipped in their top 10 PS2 games, Adrian put the results in the blender to produce the 25 games you absolutely ...


 2022-05-25  1h2m

episode 254: Double Dragon

James steps up and does the big research so the boys can chew the fat about (potentially) the most important beat 'em up ever made. From its Renegade origins to the legacy it leaves now, to Adrian inexplicably liking Double Dragon 3, it's all here. So st...


 2022-05-18  1h5m

episode 253: Top 20 Easter Eggs in Games!

Who here loves a good Easter egg hidden deep in a video game? Well, buckle up as Adrian rattles through 20 of the most amazing and bizarre Easter eggs in video game history.  Warren Robinett created the first ever Easter egg in his ground-breaking title ...


 2022-05-11  45m