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A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly retro gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and James @ We will cover whole episodes on single retro gaming classics, discuss the latest retro news and topics, broadcast interviews with some of the true legends of the industry or whatever else may take our fancy! Like what we do? Please support us on Patreon: Or, buy us a coffee on Ko-fi:

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episode 253: Top 20 Easter Eggs in Games!

Who here loves a good Easter egg hidden deep in a video game? Well, buckle up as Adrian rattles through 20 of the most amazing and bizarre Easter eggs in video game history.  Warren Robinett created the first ever Easter egg in his ground-breaking title ...


 2022-05-11  45m

episode 252: Sega Mania Magazine

We're honoured to have the Sega Mania team on the show this week. Tim, David and Rob join Ade and Dyl for a chat about what it takes to create an independent magazine and why you should buy it. With of course lots of Sega chat thrown in as well. You can ...


 2022-05-04  1h1m

episode 251: SEGA Stories & the Fall of Atari & the Jaguar - Joe Cain Interview

Joe Cain started his career in gaming as a tester at SEGA. He later went to become a key producer at Atari. His stories from working at these two iconic gaming companies need to be heard to be believed. From the fabled MC Hammer Genesis title to early ru...


 2022-04-27  2h7m

episode 250: What makes the perfect side-scrolling beat ’em up?

A nuanced and necessary discussion of one of our favourite gaming genres or Dylan forgetting to do his homework (again)? You decide! Beat 'em ups old and new help us answer this eternal question. Or do they? Who knows! Like what we do? Please consider su...


 2022-04-20  1h3m

episode 248: Arcade Attack’s Arcade Archive - Vol. 1

Try saying that after a few Martinis! Keith's come up with an amazing way for us to actually talk about arcade games (in your face, people who said our name was wrong!) The boys choose one each, give a little bit of background and explain why you should/...


 2022-04-13  1h4m

episode 247: Mortal Kombat Trilogy Remake - The Story of Getting This Classic Back! Joe Tresca Interview

Did Mortal Kombat reach its peak after the release of Mortal Kombat Trilogy? Would you like to relive those good old days with a full scale remaster of this fighting classic? Joe Tresca is on a mission to bring back Mortal Kombat Trilogy to the consoles ...


 2022-04-06  1h8m

episode 246: The Best Year in Gaming - 1998

The first in our 'The Best Year in Gaming' series focuses on a very special year, 1998. Adrian chats through some of the biggest and baddest titles that graced our consoles that year. And of course, a sad farewell to the console range of our favourite co...


 2022-03-30  48m

episode 245: Fable (2004)

Yes, Fable is THAT old. Peter Molyneux's pioneering action/adventure/RPG game set a new benchmark for the genre when it was released in 2004. Its hype led to it being tagged by many as the "disappointment of the year" but it was still worthy of the prais...


 2022-03-23  1h33m

episode 244: RAMPAGE - Creating the Arcade Smash Hit! Brian Colin Interview (General Chaos & Arch Rivals)

Brian Colin is the creator of Rampage, General Chaos, Xenophone and Arch Rivals. The arcade legend shares some amazing stories about life at Bally/Midway and how against the odds he bought the iconic Rampage to the arcades! He also talks about creating G...


 2022-03-16  1h10m

episode 243: Gears of War

Cliff Bleszinski's Gears of War took gaming warfare to a new level. The Epic (see what we did there? ;)) tale of Marcus Fenix and his quest for redemption has led to many sequels and it being one of the biggest online franchises to date. James tackles th...


 2022-03-09  1h23m