Are You Wearing A Helmet? - An Actual Play RPG

It's one heck of a ride, rolling through the fantasy world of Eadara written by Brent Baumunk. With dungeons, dragons, bad guys, and these so called Heroes there is no telling what will happen next.

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episode 38: Basement of Terror 4: A Pack Of Lies

Join us for a howling good time as we explore the northern wilds of Michigan and the all too primal horror it contains.  Can the gang unlock the mystery before carnage, blood lust, and greed overwhelm them all?  It's a tale of things that hide in the wil...


 2019-10-31  3h27m

episode 37: Episode 37: Djinn and Tonic

Things heat up for the party as it faces a genie that grants wishes, so long as those wishes are pain. A tale of fire, smoke and minotaur cheerleaders


 2019-10-04  51m

episode 36: Episode 36: A Ringing Endorsement

After a summer hiatus we join the party as it finds out more backstory that it'll be sure to soon forget. A tale of poisonous gas clouds, DMs that can't add, and a glimpse of the past.


 2019-08-30  50m

episode 35: Episode 35: A Sword's Story

Arkadios learns a bit more of his past from the minotaurs of the city of Gnossos. A tale of history lessons, Rick's Rules of the Road, and just how tall Ken is, or isn't.


 2019-05-31  45m

episode 34: Episode 34: Friendship is Magic

The party begins to make the rounds in the city of true minotaurs. A tale of cow jokes, life lessons, and luxuriating dwarves.


 2019-04-27  1h0m

episode 33: Episode 33: A Citadel Strong

After months of travel, trouble, and trials the party nears its destination.  A tale of visceral spies, bizarre games, and living legends.


 2019-03-29  44m

episode 32: Episode 32: Troll Road

The party finds itself fighting a subterranean terror. A tale of stable wizards, dirty trolls and damage resistance: pointy things. 


 2019-02-22  41m

episode 31: Episode 31: A Hiss From The Past

As the party explores the ruins of the Oasis, they find that they aren't alone. A tale of how three heads are more dangerous then one, old campaign tales, and dangers of becoming tainted.


 2019-01-25  2h11m

episode 30: AYWAH Bonus:Q&A Mailbag #1

You asked and  the guys answered. We answer a few questions from the mail bag during this intimate sessions of sharing. From magic latrine bags, Chris Card's most angry moment, and why Rick plays doesn't play video games. Just remember, you did ask.


 2018-12-28  1h15m

episode 29: Episode 30: A Snake in the Grass

The party finds that the Oasis of the Weeping Woman isn't as abandoned as expected. A tale of dancing lights, juggling rangers, and a captivating beauty.


 2018-11-30  2h2m