Are You Wearing A Helmet? - An Actual Play RPG

The gang is off on one heck of a ride, rolling through a world of fantasy, fun, and failures. With dungeons, dragons, bad guys, and these so called Heroes there is no telling what will happen next. Join us on this actual play D&D podcast as our adventurers seek out fame, fortune, and a clue.

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episode 41: Halloween Special 2022

Better late than never, it's Happy Halloween to all our ghoulish listeners! Join us in our annual treat in which our heroes harass an old woman, a halfling is denied a monster girl harem, electrical shocks are administered, and real estate is "acquired".


 2022-11-04  2h48m

episode 10: Episode S3.10: Not Your Run of the Mill Dungeon

The gang delves into the heart of the Mill's basement.  It's a tale of new rules, product placement, and challenging rope ladders.


 2022-09-30  43m

episode 9: Episode S3.9: A ”Hole” lot of Trouble

The gang continues deeper into the depths of the mill only to discover more even more peril.  It's a tale of navigating tunnels, terrible rolls, and ingenious halfling traps.


 2022-09-16  44m

episode 8: Episode S3.8: Milling About The Riverside

The gang goes mission implausible as the plan an attack on the local thieves guild.  It's a tale of fishing, expert cart driving, and as always, even more obscure halfling facts.


 2022-09-02  55m

episode 6: Episode S3.6: The Signal

The gang finally confronts their would be assassins in their own lair. It's a tale of poor planning, volatile chemicals, and of course, even more obscure halfling facts.


 2022-08-19  54m

episode 7: Episode S3.7:That’s Mr Plothammer

The gang returns to their lead with some questions and finds a new ally. It's a tale of traitors with old names, a thrilling chase, and new friends with clear directions.


 2022-08-06  42m

episode 42: Episode S3.5: Makinga Door!

The gang follows up on some leads concerning their latest troubles. It's a tale of questionable interrogation practices, obscure halfling facts, and wattle and daub.


 2021-04-16  35m

episode 41: Episode S3.4: His Name Is Simon

The gang finally arrives at The Three Coppers Inn...and once again make friends and influence people. It's a tale of poor note taking, awkward character meetings, and a lesson in wizard defense training.


 2021-04-02  45m

episode 3: Episode S3.3: Street Fight At Three Coppers Inn

The gang nearly arrives at The Three Coppers Inn. But not before a gang of street thugs tries desperately to make this story interesting. It's a tale of street gangs, misunderstood rules, and halfling jeers. 


 2021-01-01  52m

episode 2: Episode S3.2: Merchants and Markets

The gang comes dangerously close to moving the story along. A trip to the Iron Bar turns to a row in the streets. It's a tale of terrible smells, shrewd commodity investments , and not so warm welcomes. 


 2020-12-18  46m