Are You Wearing A Helmet? - An Actual Play RPG

The gang is off on one heck of a ride, rolling through a world of fantasy, fun, and failures. With dungeons, dragons, bad guys, and these so called Heroes there is no telling what will happen next. Join us on this actual play D&D podcast as our adventurers seek out fame, fortune, and a clue.

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episode 25: Episode 27: Ol' Leadbelly

With its cleric turned into even more of a babbling imbecile how will the party fare against the traps and guardians of Anki's Tomb? Judging from Eric's die rolling in this episode, the outlook is grim. A tale of historical motherlodes, Ashirian social n...


 2018-07-27  1h57m

episode 24: Episode 26: Heart of Glass

The party finds itself fighting opponents that can't be bargained with. That can't be reasoned with and don't feel pity, remorse, or fear. Will the party be terminated? Listen to find out. A tale of dazzled eyes, the perils of grave robbing, and a whole ...


 2018-06-29  2h2m

episode 23: AYWAH Bonus: There Really Are Charts for Everything

A Random Dungeon Are You Wearing a Helmet adventure: Join us for an extra special session of the podcast where the whole group gets to break out the 1st and 2nd Edition books and ride the waves of probability. An adventure so special you get five morons ...


 2018-05-25  1h54m

episode 22: Episode 25: Roll the Bones

Out of the frying pan and into the fire (if the fire was a bunch of spear wielding piles of calcium) the party finds itself fighting another skeletal phalanx as it tries to plumb the secrets of Anki's tomb. A tale of endless quivers, ossified bets, and t...


 2018-04-28  1h55m

episode 21: Episode 24: Dead Man's Dance

Plunging into the lost crypt of a legendary king, the party finds that even the deceased are leery of giving up their loot. A tale of cultured sphinxes, salmon leaping monks, and one very, very long fight.


 2018-03-30  2h3m

episode 19: Episode 23: Pirating the Past

A chance encounter with an old class mate leads the party into a quest for fortune and glory. A tale of ophidian invaders, archery duels, and greed driven mages that aren't Rick.


 2018-02-23  2h15m

episode 18: Episode 22: Master of Puppets

The party rounds into the home stretch as they confront the true evil behind the curse of the Ruins. Also Ken gets to live out his sound effect dreams. Please don't encourage him by liking it. A tale of twisted temples, melancholy marionettes, and father...


 2018-01-27  2h7m

episode 17: Episode 21: An Inconvenient Tooth

What mysteries and perils await the party as it ventures into a blasphemous mockery of Merrick's church? Well, let's just say you're probably going to want to turn your volume down in the last ten minutes. A tale of undead scribblers, unwholesome gardens...


 2017-12-29  1h53m

episode 16: Episode 20: A Shadow on the Sand

The party finds itself back to its rescuing ways as it braves ancient, shunned ruins for the sake of three overconfident teenagers. Not to be nice mind you, but mostly because Rick doesn't want to pay a tariff. A tale of tenebrous tendrils, the bones of ...


 2017-11-24  1h27m

episode 15: Basement of Terror 2: Tomb of Horrors

Welcome back boils and ghouls to our second Halloween special. Join Chris "Corpse" Card, Ken "Revolting" Rau, Eric "WOOOOOOO" Wisiewski, and Rick Doombridge along with our special guests Keith "Chemtrails are a Freemason Plot" Allen and Rob "Murderous" M...


 2017-10-27  4h37m