Are You Wearing A Helmet? - An Actual Play RPG

The gang is off on one heck of a ride, rolling through a world of fantasy, fun, and failures. With dungeons, dragons, bad guys, and these so called Heroes there is no telling what will happen next. Join us on this actual play D&D podcast as our adventurers seek out fame, fortune, and a clue.

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Episode 9: Blood and Bones

Hot on the trail of a cultist, the party finds there are older, darker things lurking in the shadows of Sheresh. Will the group be willing to bargain with an ancient, eldritch force to track down their quarry? A tale of blood, the eccentricity of artists...


 2016-11-25  1h35m

Basement of Terror 1: The Willows

In keeping with the season, Are You Wearing A Helmet is proud to present our first fangtastic, spooktacular Halloween special Basement of Terror 1: The Willows.  Join Ken "Rotting" Rau, Chris "Cadaver" Card, Eric Deadniewski, Rick "I Have Four Children U...


 2016-10-28  2h52m

Episode 8: The Trail of the Red Priest

When the party tries to organize an expedition to find a lost city, they discover that their enemies have allies.Hunted by a priest of Hate, the group seek to turn the tables on their foe. A tale of biting flies, monkey waiters, and table chatter gone wi...


 2016-09-30  1h30m

Episode 7: Fog on the Water

The party confronts an ancient evil to protect their charges, and show that the ocean isn't the only place that's salty.  A tale of the drowned dead, idols most grotesque, and fated armor.


 2016-08-26  1h42m

Episode 6: The Party Boat

Deciding to enter the hotel business, the group makes a deal with an old acquaintance.  A tale of maritime mingling, desperate belay pin throwing, and a lesson in humility.


 2016-07-29  1h46m

Episode 5: Our Dinner with Dimitrios

How do our heroes handle themselves at the table of their foe? If you guessed poorly, you'd be mostly correct. A tale of inside jokes with outside voices, arson for a good cause,and a cult of chains.


 2016-06-24  1h51m

Episode 4: They Only Come Out at Night

Where the party learns the value of altruism, and find themselves helping those that can't help themselves. A tale of what happens if they eat after midnight, summoned atrocities, and handouts most boring.


 2016-05-29  1h49m

Episode 3: Dungeoneering for Fun & Profit

Concluding our party's journey into the shadow-wreathed remains of Old Sheresh. A tale of ghoulish deprivations,buttery mockery, and time wasting shopping trips.


 2016-05-29  1h46m

Episode 2: In the Depths of the Old City

Our heroes find themselves deep within the ruins of the once great metropolis in search of a long lost plot device. A tale of mutants, stench and unsavory feasts.


 2016-05-29  1h56m

Episode 1: Welcome to Sheresh

The party is introduced and find themselves the Eadaran equivalent of interns. A tale of blood sport,betrayal and mint juleps.


 2016-05-29  1h56m