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A comedy podcast to help better understand humanity and also to make fart jokes.

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#400: Shoot To Kill (@DanishAndOneill) Ryan Oneill and Jeff Danis of Beach Cops and Boner City USA fame join Skeptic Tank to talk about getting shot at from 5 feet away and living to tell about it.

Ryan Oneill and Jeff Danis come on to talk about some criminal mastermind shooting 3-5 gunshots at Oneill from about 4 feet away. Unfortunately the guy missed. But something good will come from it. And the good is that D&O, The Danish and O'Neill,...



#399: e-Rage: (@SteveRannazzisi, @ShaneMGillis, & @PhilanthropyGal)(cancel culture cancelled online anger backlash troll shane gillis steve rannazzisi corinne fisher twitter)

Steve Rannazzisi, Shane Gillis and Corinne Fisher came over to the Skeptic Tank Studio to talk about what it's like going through a mass internet backlash. It has many names, online mobs, cancel culture, outrage, but I like to call it e-rage. We...



#398: Simps Up, Ho's 'Round (@KerrynFeehan)

Kerryn Feehan came over to tell me about this wild world of getting dudes to just send you money. For nothing. I mean, legitimately for nothing. And then we started talking and she started telling me about how to get them to send you way more money...



#397: Loss Prevention Officer (@JoeListComedy) The hilarious tales of his time stopping thieves like me. (sears, stealing, mall cop, I hate myself, tuesdays with stories, tuesgays

Joe List came over to tell me about his years working theft prevention at a Sears outside Boston. These are great stories about being exactly my enemy at one of my passions, shoplifting.  Put this podcast down and go right now to watch Joe's new...


 2020-08-11  2h10m

#396: Music is for Drugs (@AriShaffir)

A solocast about how music trends are always a response to the world or to drug use.


 2020-08-03  2h9m

episode 395: New Dog Old Tricks (with Justin Silver)

Justin Silver comes onto Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank to tell us all about training dogs. He's been doing it for over a decade. Had a television show about it on CBS and another one in Hong Kong. This podcast was helpful and hilarious at the same time!


 2020-07-27  2h40m

394: Doing Rails (w/ Nick Cody) (nick cody virus train o&a portland australia myanmar shah shan state food poisoning toilet quarantine hotel bill burr 7 more minutes philly rant mid-flight brawl heggie luke

Nick Cody joined me from Melbourne, Australia to tell me about his epic trip he took across America at 19 years old. Went from Portland to NY by train to save like $90. Idiot. But also very cool. The entire trip was just so he could go see the O&A...


 2020-07-14  3h44m

#394: Shaped Like a Human Question Mark (@CarmenComedian)

Carmen Lynch was a scoliosis nerdburger in hight school. She wore a back brace and couldn't make friends. She came on the podcast this week to tell me about it. How she dealt with having scoliosis at such an important age and how it's helped shape who...


 2020-07-07  1h50m

#392: NYC Street Fair (@JoeDerosaComedy & @PhilanthropyGal) tags: Corrine Fisher Joe Derosa NYC Drink Street Drinking outdoors guys we f*cked 3 more weeks cocktails to go

Corrine Fisher and Joe Derosa came to the studio to talk about the awesome and unique state NYC boozers find themselves in. It's summertime and none of the bars allow indoor seating. So many of them have gone to window service. You can get cocktails,...


 2020-06-30  1h53m

#391: Cops (@BigJayOakerson)

Big Jay Oakerson came to the studio to talk to me about Cops. His favorite show in the history of television just got BLMed so he's in a bit of a state of mourning. And when I say favorite, I mean of the 150 times I've stopped by his apartment, he's...


 2020-06-22  2h2m