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#391: Cops (@BigJayOakerson)

Big Jay Oakerson came to the studio to talk to me about Cops. His favorite show in the history of television just got BLMed so he's in a bit of a state of mourning. And when I say favorite, I mean of the 150 times I've stopped by his apartment, he's...



390: Gingie Whisker (@CheetoSantino)

Andrew Santino met me for the last podcast in my quarantine to talk about the wet brown devil, whisky. Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, you know what I'm talking about. It's my favorite alcohol. For when I want to smoke cigars, for when I want to be surly, for...



#389: Sam Morril's 5 Things I Can't Wait To Do Again

Sam Morril hung out with me in my backyard to tell me what he's been missing lately. He's so damn funny. Please everybody watch his new special, "I Got This" on YouTube now. I guarantee he'll be a household name to anybody who like standup at all in...



388: Free Hong Kong (@IAmGarron)

Garron Kertnen Chiu met me at a Hong Kong comedy club to tell me about the protests for autonomy that have been going on there over the past year or so. All the important details, like how do you get tear gas out of your eyes, protesting on shrooms,...



#387: Mark Normand's 5 Things I Can't Wait To Do Again (@MarkNormand)

Mark Normand, fresh off the success of his new special "Out To Lunch" (available now on YouTube), met me on the deserted streets of New York to play the 5 things we miss game. We probably got to like 2. Maaaaaaaybe 3. But who cares really? Mark is...


 2020-05-25  2h1m

#386: The Revenge Robber (@MadFlavor)

Joey Diaz is one of my all time stealing heroes. He is an inspiration to shoplifters everywhere. Even though he's semi-retired since having a child, his legend lives on. This episode is all about stealing. From one of the former greats to a current...


 2020-05-18  3h8m

#385: Bobby Kelly's 5 Things I Can't Wait To Do Again

#385: Bobby Kelly's 5 Things I Can't Wait To Do Again


 2020-05-11  1h50m

#384: 10 Days of Silence; Vipassana Meditation (with Jessica Michelle Singleton)

Jessica Michelle Singleton came on to talk to me about taking a 10 day vow of silence for Vipassana meditation. I tried it a few years ago and failed. Still got a ton out of it. But she made it all the way through. And this conversation really...


 2020-05-04  3h9m

#383: Silent But Deadly; The @JoeListComedy Story

Joe List has a bad attitude and a worse stomach. He ate nothing but chicken parm sandwiches and Chipotle for the last 14 years and then for some reason, one day last year his stomach just stopped working. He has silent reflux. And it's a bigger...


 2020-04-28  2h6m

#382: Psychedelic Christmas (@DuncanTrussell)

Duncan Trussell and I talked about LSD for about 2 hours. Nobody in my life is more of an acidhead than Duncan. He knows the history, the risks, the joys, all of it. We did this in honor of Bicycle Day, which is April 19. The day LSD was first...


 2020-04-19  3h4m