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#31b The Cleanup part 2 (Tony Hinchcliffe, Mat Edgar, Ari Shaffir, Couches)

Tony Hinchcliffe, Mat Edgar and I met back up the day after we did part one and we finished off this discussion about the great clean of 2011 and about hoarding in general. Most of the time, we ended up listening to Sanford and Son clips. We're very...


 2011-11-17  48m

#31 The Cleanup part 1 (Mat Edgar, Tony Hinchcliffe, Ari Shaffir)

Mat Edgar and Tony Hinchcliffe were hired to help clean my apartment. While it wasn't an American horror story, it was pretty close. I'm a damn hoarder and I had built up quite the trash castle in my place. We had a great time talking about how...


 2011-11-14  1h32m

#30 Fatherhood (Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal took me into his home office to discuss the joys of fatherhood. Becoming a parent has long been one of my greatest fears, so it was nice to talk to someone who didn't share my concerns at all. As long as I've known Al he's been a father....


 2011-11-07  1h11m

#29: Suicide (Jenn Cole)

Jenn Cole lost her friend about a week before we recorded this. I really wanted to get into the feeling of grief that comes with loss but I'm so intrigued by suicide that I just ended up wanted to know all the details leading up to her friend, Chris,...


 2011-10-31  1h48m

#28 Persistence (Steve Simeone)

Steve Simeone came to the apartment and we got in a nice long conversation about our struggles in Hollywood over the years. I’ve known him for nearly as long as I’ve been in Los Angeles. I didn’t quite realize how long it had been...


 2011-10-24  2h16m

#27 Censorship (Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir)

Joe Rogan and I got into a conversation on the plane back from Washington, DC. We covered censorship, comedy in general, Joe's fear of the Los Angeles apocalypse, and probably a little UFC. It's tough to remember. I was too sober.


 2011-10-17  56m

#26: Goin' Crazy (Steve Agee)

Steve Agee talks mental disorders.


 2011-10-10  1h46m

#25: Comic Books (Mike Lawrence)

While I was visiting New York, I interviewed comedian Mike Lawrence about comic books. I was trying to interview him about what comic book nerd life was like, but then it just turned to talk about comic books and the movies. I'm not a great...


 2011-10-03  1h7m

#24: Religiot (Kurt Metzger, Ari Shaffir, Dog)

Kurt Metzger talks to me about his former religious lifestyle and how he feels about religion now. It's not positive. I recorded this at Kurt's apartment in Manhattan while his puppy was trying to bite our hands. We strayed about as far as I have off...


 2011-09-28  45m