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episode 55: #55: Radio Days with Frazer Smith and David Taylor

Frazer Smith shares his story of how he went from being a radio god to how he lost it all. It's a really interesting tale. And I had my friend David Taylor cohost with me because he knew a lot of Frazier's stories already and I wanted his help guiding it.


 2012-04-17  1h59m

episode 54: #54: Casual Sex with Sarah Tiana

Sarah Tiana and I were talking at The Comedy Store one evening. During our conversation, I came to realize that in my head, I had mistakenly classified her as a sexual "good girl." I guess I've always known her as girlfriend material. So we met...


 2012-04-09  2h22m

episode 53: #53: Give Peace a Chance with Danny Lobell

Danny Lobell met me at The Comedy Store to talk about his time in Israel. We both spent periods of our lives there. We eventually got into a discussion about the Arab-Israeli conflict. Danny's a bit of a peacenik so it took a lot from me to accept...


 2012-04-02  2h25m

episode 52: #52: Crazy Train with Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky had me over at her house for wine and Skittles the other night and we talked about a shit ton of stuff and then some. We centered on the topic of depression but we meandered so much that this went for almost 3 hours. But it...


 2012-03-26  2h47m

episode 51: #51: Road Trip with Mat Edgar and Tony Hinchcliffe

Mat Edgar, Tony Hinchcliffe and I went on a comedy road trip from LA to San Diego to play Justin Hollister's new downtown room, The American Comedy Company, and we decided to take you guys along with us. We stopped the tape every time we got out...


 2012-03-19  1h44m

episode 50: #50: Buddhism with Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell and I shared a ride out to Brea, CA to do shows at the Brea Improv. Duncan has always been into Buddhism and I figured what better time to talk about modern Buddhism than on a ride to the Inland Empire. It was a really interesting talk...


 2012-03-12  1h42m

episode 49: #49: Adult Breakup with Jayson Thibault and Steve Rannazzisi

Jayson Thibault, Steve Rannazzisi and I sat in one of the back rooms of the Comedy Store and talked about Jayson's recent breakup. It's not sappy at all, so don't worry about that. We just covered what it feels like and what you have to do to be a...


 2012-03-05  2h3m

episode 48: #48: Musical Looper with Dean Delray

Dean Delray stopped by my apartment to talk about his days as a professional rock musician. He made his living from music for almost two decades and he had a shit ton to share about it. Eventually, we just diverged into talking about music we liked...


 2012-02-28  2h51m

episode 47: #47: Hollywood Bowl with Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz invited me over to talk about his time in Hollywood as a working actor. We sat on his porch and soaked in the sun as we discussed how he managed to get his start. Joey has been making a living as an actor for as long as I’ve known him....


 2012-02-20  1h3m

episode 46: #46: Artsy Fartsy with Ashley Snow Macomber

Ashley Macomber invited me into her home to talk about her new art project she’s created with Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy). Ashley is an amazing artist and she’s got a really clear way of thinking about the creative process and...


 2012-02-13  1h55m