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Arizona Science explores the latest scientific research and technological innovations taking place in Southern Arizona and at the University of Arizona. Catch Arizona Science each Friday during Science Friday on NPR 89.1.

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Episode 188: Sleep, memory, language, and Down syndrome

New research suggests a link between poor sleep and difficulty learning to communicate in children with Down syndrome.


 2019-06-27  5m

Episode 187: New ways to eliminate dangerous chemicals

Developing new methods to eliminate dangerous chemicals from the environment.


 2019-06-21  5m

Episode 186: How metaphors make language more colorful

Using metaphor to add context to language.


 2019-06-14  5m

Episode 185: Dating a volcanic eruption using tree rings

Using tree rings to date an ancient volcanic eruption in the Mediterranean.


 2019-06-07  5m

Episode 184: Stroke and the Immune System

Revealing how stroke affects our body's immune system.


 2019-05-31  5m

Episode 183: When Wildlife and Development Clash

What really happens when urban development clashes with Arizona wildlife?


 2019-05-24  5m

Episode 182: How Does Your Dog Recognize You?

Your dog perceives the social world in much the same way that people do.


 2019-05-17  5m

Episode 181: The Potential of Embryonic Stem Cells

Examining how stem cells could potentially protect against lifetime health issues.


 2019-05-10  5m

Episode 180: A Plume of Particles on Bennu

New photographs from the asteroid Bennu reveal a rare find.


 2019-05-03  5m

Episode 179: Why Are We So Attached to Our Phones?

UA researcher David Sbarra thinks our evolutionary history may help explain our modern addiction.


 2019-04-26  5m