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Arizona Science explores the latest scientific research and technological innovations taking place in Southern Arizona and at the University of Arizona. Catch Arizona Science each Friday during Science Friday on NPR 89.1.

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Episode 179: Why Are We So Attached to Our Phones?

UA researcher David Sbarra thinks our evolutionary history may help explain our modern addiction.


 2019-04-26  5m

Episode 178: Studying Micro-Organisms at Biosphere 2

A University of Arizona professor is using Biosphere 2 to better understand micro-organisms help create our landscapes.


 2019-04-19  5m

Episode 177: Science on Tumamoc Hill

Tumamoc Hill in Tucson, Arizona is rich in both history and science.


 2019-04-12  5m

Episode 176: Blood and the Brain

Mathematical models can help reveal the relationship between brain activity and oxygen levels in the blood.


 2019-04-05  5m

Episode 175: A New Understanding of Chaco Canyon

New archaeological data from Chaco Canyon is helping us get a better understanding of its ancient civilization.


 2019-03-28  5m

Episode 174: Unlocking the Answers to Questions Behind Alzheimer's Disease

When will it be possible to detect Alzheimer's before the onset of symptoms?


 2019-03-21  5m

Episode 173: Using Science to Eliminate a Stubborn Agricultural Pest

A group led by a UA entomologist has worked to successfully eradicate the pink bollworm.


 2019-03-14  5m

Episode 172: Tree Rings and Climate Change

What tree rings can tell us about changes in the Earth's climate.


 2019-03-08  5m

Episode 171: The Science Behind Bones

A UA professor is investigating the science behind bones.


 2019-03-01  5m

Episode 170: Can Intelligence Be Measured?

Is 'intelligence' a set of decentralized, independent problem-solving modules, or a singular, generalized skill of innovation?


 2019-02-21  5m