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The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast. Companion to the popular Arms Control Wonk blog ( Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein.

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All Aboard the Missile Train

Put another pot of coffee on because it is launch week again. North Korean launched two missiles off of the back of a train this week, right as the president of South Korea watched their own tests of a submarine launched ballistic missile,...



Not Lackin' LACMs

The DPRK tested a cruise missile, but this time it was a big one. Like "INF Treaty" big, if that term still meant anything.  The DPRK announced that it launched a 1500 km range cruise missile, after months of hints that a strategic...



Boiling Fish at Yongbyon

Looks like Yongbyon is running a little hot. The IAEA has announced that it believes the DPRK is conducting a plutonium reprocessing campaign at Yongbyon.  Jeffrey and Aaron discuss why the DPRK would want to do this. What could the mystery be?...



It's Always Cloudy in Novaya Zemlya

Jeffrey and his team fear no cloud. Working with Capella Space to acquire cloud-piercing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data, the MIIS team has been monitoring eternally-cloudy Novaya Zemlya, Russia, for evidence of Burevestnik...



Wasted Opportunities with the JCPOA

Bad news abounds for Iranian and US returns to JCPOA compliance. Aaron and Jeffrey talk through the frustration around breakout time requirements, the timidity of the Biden administration, and the shortfalls of the wait-and-see approach.   ...




Matt Korda and Hans Kristensen with the Federation of American Scientists have tracked down what appears to be a near Hami, Xinjiang.  Aaron, Jeffrey, and Scott gather up to discuss the rapidly increasing number of missile silos, what this means...


 2021-08-13  41m

I Sing of Arms and the Man

American weapons systems need better names. Tom Karako, Director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, joins Jeffrey to talk about just what it is that inspires soldiers: Legendary, heroic, and...


 2021-07-29  30m

Nuclear Silos in the Chinese Desert

Decker Eveleth and Jeffrey Lewis's team at CNS out in the deserts of China. That's the largest expansion of PRC silos in history, by far, but it isn't totally clear what is going on, and whether each of these Bouncy Castles of Death represents a new...


 2021-07-01  34m

The Space Launch Simorgh-asbord

Jeffrey's team is at it again.  This time, they (and Jonathan McDowell!) caught an unannounced (and failed) Iranian space launch attempt and have now caught what appears to be a second unannounced (and failed) Iranian space launch attempt. ...


 2021-06-24  35m

The Relevance of the Nuclear Posture Review

Is the Nuclear Posture Review something worth doing, or a massive waste of time and political capital? Jeffrey and Aaron vote "waste." The NPR takes up a ton of time, leaves policy on autopilot during its duration, and burns a ton of bandwidth that...


 2021-06-23  39m