Arms Control Wonk

The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast. Companion to the popular Arms Control Wonk blog ( Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein.



      The Strike on Al Kibar

      Haaretz dropped an incredible article with new details about the 2007 Israeli air strike on the nascent Syrian nuclear reactor at Al Kibar. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to interrupt Jeffrey's working vacation to talk about Al Kibar,...



      KCN-eh? March's Other North Korean Developments

      A Canadian reviews the last month's North Korea news with two special guests, Jeffrey and Aaron. It's a family pod! Andrea discusses the new UN Panel of Experts report on North Korea's illicit arms dealing, whether the DPRK is helping reconstitute the...



      Russian Nuclear Doctrine and Escalation

      What is Russia’s nuclear doctrine? Jeffrey talks to Dr. Olga Oliker about Russian nuclear doctrine and developments. Unfortunately, she speaks Russian, which turns out to he really inconvenient for a lot of people's theories. ...



      Novichok: The New Guy

      The Russian chemical weapons attack in Salisbury is, sadly, not the first assassination to take place on UK soil. Jeffrey and Aaron spoke about Russia’s use of a Novichok nerve agent, what this act says about a return of Soviet patterns of...


       2018-03-16  34m

      A Trump/Kim Summit

      President Trump announced that he's going to meet with Kim Jong Un. He seems to think that Kim Jong Un is giving up his weapons. Kim Jong Un seems to think that Trump is recognizing North Korea as a nuclear power. What could possibly go wrong? ...


       2018-03-10  29m

      North Korean Missile Lunch

      A delegation from South Korea visited Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.  After a sumptuous lunch and what looked like a little boozy, over-the-top happy Kim Jong Un waved goodbye as the South Korean delegation drove off with promises. Aaron and Jeffrey...


       2018-03-08  37m

      KCN-eh? February's Other North Korean Developments

      Two Canadians review the last month of North Korean developments as they try to ignore Canada's Olympic performance in curling and hockey. Andrea talks to Matt Korda about Olympic diplomacy, DPRK proliferation networks, maritime deception practices,...


       2018-03-05  45m

      Putin's Nuke-a-palooza

      Russian president Vladimir Putin presented his annual address yesterday. He showed off a bunch of new or recent nuclear weapons systems, designed to defeat US missile defenses. The weirdest idea of all is a nuclear power cruise missile with global...


       2018-03-02  40m

      Missile Materiel and Adventures in Munich

      We’re back. After a brief hiatus, Jeffrey and Aaron return from their myriad trips. The show documents Aaron and superproducer Scott’s visit to missile central down at joint-base Anacostia, where the two got an up close and personal viewing of the...


       2018-02-26  47m

      KCN-eh? December and January's Other North Korean Developments

      A Canadian reviews the last two months' North Korea news with a special guest. Andrea talks to Scott LaFoy for a whirlwind tour of December and January's developments. They cover Kim Jong Un's New Years Address, the Vancouver Foreign Ministers...


       2018-02-07  44m