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The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast. Companion to the popular Arms Control Wonk blog ( Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein.



      North Korea's New Old Enrichment Site: Kangson

      KANGSON.  We have the (probable) location of North Korea's original enrichment site: Kangson, now called Chollima. This is probably the spot where the DPRK has been enriching uranium since the early 2000's, which has previously not been openly...



      KCN-eh? June's other North Korea Developments

      A Canadian reviews the last month’s news with two special guests. Andrea talks to CNS Senior Research Associate Melissa Hanham and FAS Adjunct Fellow Ankit Panda as they go through the trajectory of U.S./DPRK diplomacy after the Singapore...



      Sentosa Goat Rodeo

      Jeffrey spent the past week making Singapore Slings but it didn't help dull the pain.   The conversation then turned to the summit and ended with a conversation about the sustainability of summits without substance and what the two sides can do...


       2018-06-13  50m

      Russia's Crashing Cruise Missile

      Back in March, Putin said that Russia has been testing a nuclear-powered cruise missile and showed a little bit of video footage. Throughout April and May, stories have come out questioning the success of these tests. Jeffrey and his team at CNS have...


       2018-06-11  29m

      Iranian ICBMs, Shahrud, and an Important Safety Lesson

      This is a full end-to-end OSINT episode, buckle up.  Using satellite imagery, SAR data, Farsi-language television coverage, one rocket scientist's favorite color, and one very important box, the team at CNS/MIIS tracked down a second...


       2018-06-08  44m

      KCN-eh? May's other North Korea Developments

      A Canadian reviews the last month’s news with a special guest. Andrea talks to Hamish Macdonald from NK News about what went boom at Punggye-ri, recaps the diplomatic rollercoaster ride that was May, and ponders the Max Thunder joint...


       2018-06-04  1h0m

      The Libya Model and North Korean Nukes

      What is going on with the Trump-Kim summit following the recent cancellation of a DPRK-ROK meeting? Will Trump and Kim meet? And how does John Bolton fit into all of this? Today, Aaron and Jeffrey discuss the latest twists and turns in the run-up to...


       2018-05-17  39m

      North Korean Nuclear Tunnels

      Kim Jong Un said he is closing the nuclear test site at Punggye-ri. But if outside inspectors and exports aren't allowed in, it could just be a PR stunt with no substantive contribution to "denuclearization." Jeffrey and Aaron talk about what this...


       2018-05-11  44m

      KCN-eh? April's other North Korea Developments - Part 2

      A Canadian reviews the last few weeks of North Korea news with a special guest. Andrea chats with Antoine Bondaz from the Foundation for Strategic Research in Paris. They dissect the optics and outcomes of the recent inter-Korean summit,...


       2018-05-03  44m

      Netanyahu and the Atomic Archive

      Bibi showed off Iran’s bomb. And its pretty crappy. The slide show added some titillating details to what the world already knew about Iran’s nuclear weapons program and, in doing so, made the case for why the JCPOA is so important. The real news...


       2018-05-02  42m