Arms Control Wonk

The nuclear weapons, arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation podcast. Companion to the popular Arms Control Wonk blog ( Hosted by Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein.



      A Future for Arms Control?

      Aaron and Jeffrey return to the topic to discuss the potential for a New Start extension and what it could mean for the future of the US-Russian relationship.   Support us over at!



      If You Say, Kay

      US Ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, made some news. And not in a good way. She was trying to say that the US would develop countervailing capabilities -- something that started under the Obama Administration and that almost no one disagrees...



      KCN-eh? September's other North Korea Developments

      Andrea is joined again by John Hemmings, Director of Asia Studies at the Henry Jackson Society, to talk about the major developments in North Korea relations during September. They consider Pyongyang’s tamer military parade, examine the optics and...



      JCPO-eh? Iran, the EU, and the US

      Andrea discusses friction between Europe and the United States over the Iran nuclear deal with Justine Walker, Director of Sanctions at UK Finance. They review European engagement in the Iranian market over the last two years, consider the EU’s...


       2018-09-17  55m

      Nuclear Rationality and the 2020 Commission

      In today’s episode, Aaron and Jeffrey discuss the 2020 Commission and its relationship with how we are conditioned to think about nuclear weapons. The podcast is filled with spoilers (you’ve been warned), but attempts to use the book —...


       2018-09-11  1h0m

      South Korean Missile Tracking

      In today’s podcast, Aaron and Jeffrey discuss the geolocation work that underpinned Jeffrey’s research for his novel and how open source investigations can be leveraged to inform analysis. Links of Note: Previous Arms Control Wonk Podcast episodes...


       2018-08-14  22m

      KCN-eh? July's other North Korea Developments

      It's a family pod today! Andrea, Aaron, and Jeffrey review July's new North Korean developments. They dive into the developments at Sohae Satellite Launching Grounds, sanctions enforcement, and the repatriation of POW/KIA remains from the Korean...


       2018-08-06  41m

      North Korea's Continuing Missile Production

      Ellen Nakashima and Joby Warrick have a bombshell story about North Korea producing one, possible two, Hwasong-15 ICBMs at its Sanumdong facility.  Aaron and Jeffrey discuss the role that MIIS and open source played in corroborating the report. ...


       2018-07-31  32m

      North Korea's New Old Enrichment Site: Kangson

      KANGSON.  We have the (probable) location of North Korea's original enrichment site: Kangson, now called Chollima. This is probably the spot where the DPRK has been enriching uranium since the early 2000's, which has previously not been openly...


       2018-07-13  40m

      KCN-eh? June's other North Korea Developments

      A Canadian reviews the last month’s news with two special guests. Andrea talks to CNS Senior Research Associate Melissa Hanham and FAS Adjunct Fellow Ankit Panda as they go through the trajectory of U.S./DPRK diplomacy after the Singapore...


       2018-07-09  54m