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The ULTIMATE Home Improvement Podcast and Syndicated Radio Show. Two National Experts Eric Goranson “Eric G” and Caroline Blazovsky “Caroline B” help homeowners and contractors tackle projects around the house. This is not your typical handyman show. This talk show will bring you everything from the latest home DIY project and building advice to current events and celebrity guests. You will hear from leading experts, your favorite home improvement stars and creators of exciting new technologies for your home. If you want to learn about home improvement and be entertained this show is for you. About our hosts: Eric Goranson, CKD is a Certified Kitchen Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association for over 20 years and has been designing since 1993. Nationally recognized as “Eric G®”, he is a syndicated 10-year home improvement radio talk show host. Eric talks with homeowners and contractors about remodeling and new construction techniques every week. He is also a national podcaster and is now heard internationally and with about half of the listening audience being from the building trade. His shows draw great support from the contracting community...

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episode 1135: Why are people picking up and moving to Texas? With Kirby Wilbur

WHY are people moving to Texas? With Elon Musk and Joe Rogan leading the wave of people moving I wanted to know the insider info on this.We reached out to Radio Veteran Kirby Wilbur who just hung up his microphone from his daily show and moved to Texas from the Seattle area. He is now helping people navigate that move...


 2021-04-17  38m

episode 1136: Mid Week Special: How do you get better at DIY projects?

DIY projects are a lot like any other skill. You must practice them to get better. In this week’s mid-week special we talk about what you can do to get better and learn the craft of Home Improvement so your projects continue to get better. We will talk about the challenges that might make it harder to learn and what are the best steps for you to plan out that project that might seem like a massive one...


 2021-04-21  12m

episode 1137: Pro Insider: Why are designers and contractors working for free?

Homeowners deserve to understand how much a project is going to cost before construction begins. Many Designers and Contractors spend dozens of hours on each project working for free putting together extremely detailed free estimates. We dive into this subject of how you can get that information to the homeowner without spending hundreds of hours each year working for free. We talk about how to estimate and budget and how to navigate this part of the building and design process...


 2021-04-22  12m

episode 1138: Caroline Blazovsky - America’s Healthy Home Expert

We talk with Caroline Blazovsky, America’s Healthy Home Expert about the right way to keep things clean and the mistakes you can make when trying to get things all cleaned up. It is that time of year that we start cleaning up the house from a long winter and get things all organized for summer. Are you buying a home? We have some great tips on what to look for, what to test, and what steps are a huge mistake to skip in that home buying process...


 2021-04-24  46m

episode 1139: Home tech you didn’t even know you have and smart homes with Brilliant!

There are a lot of times you have features in your home technology that you were not even aware of. We talk with Steven Meyer VP of Xfinity Flex about products like FLEX you might have the ability to get at no additional charge that can change how you listen or view content on your TV. If you are a Xfinity internet customer, you might have available to you this 4k streaming tv box. For more information on this head to (


 2021-04-24  48m

episode 1141: Mid Week Special: Real Estate Law in our Clubhouse Room Around the Home

Have you heard of Clubhouse? This is a new social media app that has started out for Apple users that will be expanding soon to all platforms. This audio only app is changing social media. We teamed up with our friends Craig and Kevin at The Homeowners show (


 2021-04-28  1h6m

episode 1142: Pro Insider: A look ahead into 2021 and what we should be worried about

The National Association of Home Builders came out today with lumber prices adding $36,000 to the price of a new house. If it was a multifamily home, this costs a new renter $119 a month. We dive into a short discussion on where we are at with remodeling and building and here are my predictions for the year ahead. Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at https://around-the-house-with-e.captivate...


 2021-04-29  9m

episode 1143: My Secret Tips to a successful DIY Project

Taking on something outside of our skill level can be tough. There are some decisions you might make before you even get started that really can change the outcome of the project. We will dive into those key factors that can give you a winning project and the right tools to get the job done right. Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at https://around-the-house-with-e.captivate...


 2021-05-01  42m

episode 1144: Back up power with Generac and Jake VanWormer

We have lost power five times in the studio here in the last 365 days. I expect more of this in the following year. We talk with Generac’s product manager about how these systems work and how you can create a seamless system to make sure no matter if the power company cuts your power due to a weather emergency or a wild storm you will be ready to go. For more information on Generac head to https://www.generac...


 2021-05-01  30m

episode 1145: Mid Week Special: My How-To tips on designing a luxury bathroom

Starting a project in 2020 and 2021 has a whole new set of issues. Where do you start? Should you tackle it yourself? Do I need help? We jump into this subject and give you some helpful tips on starting that luxury bathroom project. We will talk about today's challenges with any project and how to navigate it. Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at https://around-the-house-with-e.captivate...


 2021-05-04  12m