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The ULTIMATE Home Improvement Podcast and Syndicated Radio Show. Two National Experts Eric Goranson “Eric G” and Caroline Blazovsky “Caroline B” help homeowners and contractors tackle projects around the house. This is not your typical handyman show. This talk show will bring you everything from the latest home DIY project and building advice to current events and celebrity guests. You will hear from leading experts, your favorite home improvement stars and creators of exciting new technologies for your home. If you want to learn about home improvement and be entertained this show is for you. About our hosts: Eric Goranson, CKD is a Certified Kitchen Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association for over 20 years and has been designing since 1993. Nationally recognized as “Eric G®”, he is a syndicated 10-year home improvement radio talk show host. Eric talks with homeowners and contractors about remodeling and new construction techniques every week. He is also a national podcaster and is now heard internationally and with about half of the listening audience being from the building trade. His shows draw great support from the contracting community...

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episode 1235: Big Companies buying up small home improvement companies and the McRib is back

In our mid week special we dive into so many different subjects including a trend of larger Home Improvement suppliers purchasing smaller companies to add to their knowlege base. We talk about Ecobee being purchased by Generac and so many other products that have been purchased recently. We also talk about our giveaway on Around the House Online and so much more in this weeks special! We give away a Santa Fe Dehumidifier in our latest contest: https://aroundthehouseonline...


 2021-11-02  23m

episode 1236: Manley Jobs and can we Turn Back Time?

Its that time of year again when Eric Goranson calls it Benny Hinn Day! It is time to fall back! Eric G and Caroline Blazovsky talk about that subject and then jump into a discussion with Blake Manley from Manley Jobs! Blake is a Sweet Home Oregon high school forestry and natural resources teacher. You might have seen him on Fox and Friends talking about his program of creating YouTube videos on jobs that kids in his area could do without taking on that huge debt of a college education...


 2021-11-06  40m

episode 1237: The worlds first AI proactive Home Security with Deep Sentinel and Dave Selinger Co-Founder/CEO

What is Deep Sentinel? This is the worlds first pro-active security system. This can actually prevent crimes versus documenting with cameras what happened or sending off an alarm after someone has already entered your home. David Selinger was an early employee at Amazon, working directly under Jeff Bezos. He led the RandD arm of Amazon’s data-mining and personalization team...


 2021-11-06  56m

episode 1238: Plumbing questions on pipe...What is good? What is bad? Plus our giveaway!

There is a debate out there of what is the best pipe to use in your house for plumbing. Copper vs Pex or CPVC? We debate all of the popular choices and what Eric Goranson thinks are best from the installers point of view and what Caroline Blazovsky thinks is the heathier point of view. Plus we talk about the last few hours of our Dehumidifier Giveaway! We give away a Santa Fe Dehumidifier in our latest contest: https://aroundthehouseonline...


 2021-11-09  26m

episode 1239: Quick projects to make a huge difference in your home before the holidays!

Many of us have people coming over during the holidays...


 2021-11-13  41m

episode 1240: Water Quality in your home with Marianne Metzger

This is a subject we have not touched on Around the House for over seven years. Marianne Metzger spent most of her career working for an environmental labs mostly specializing in drinking water analysis, but also has experience with some waste water application and lead and asbestos testing in building materials. She has been published over 30 times in multiple trade publications with regard to water testing and treatment. For more information about ResinTech: https://resintech...


 2021-11-13  1h2m

episode 1241: Saving Money Around the House! Some quick tips to balance out spending

Building Materials, Food, Gas, and everything inbetween is really getting expensive. What can we do to save a little money in the coming months? We chat about that in our mid-week special. Plus we talk about this weekends show and so much more! Even Genetically Modified Cats..... Yes this is NOT an Austin Powers movie reference...


 2021-11-16  24m

episode 1242: Bidet toilet seats... The scariest appliance in your home. Our bathroom talk for 2021

What are bidet toilet seats so scary? We dive into the top bidet toilet seats and what you need to look for when you are shopping for one. Never have to worry about running out of toilet paper? Take a listen and hear Eric Goranson's and Caroline Blazovsky's take on the top seats! Plus we talk about what to look for when shopping for a new toilet in 2021...


 2021-11-20  40m

episode 1243: Steam Showers, Hardware, and plumbing fixtures with the DPHA

The Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association is a community of decorative plumbing and hardware professionals who believe in the positive impact of bringing people together. Todays show we discuss everthing from Steam Showers and Design to decorative hardware and automated locks for your front door. Our guests today are members of the board of directors from Nathanael Chown from Chown Hardware (https://www.chown...


 2021-11-20  1h4m

episode 1244: Eric G's broken garage door and Happy Thanksgiving!

In our Mid-Week special this week we tackle Thanksgiving, Eric G's garage door that blew up, and a way to keep those dogs from barking at every person that goes past your front door. All this and more! Thanks for listening to Around the house if you want to hear more please subscribe so you get notified of the latest episode as it posts at (https://around-the-house-with-e.captivate...


 2021-11-23  15m