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Ep 22e: Where My Girls? (Bauhaus)

“Any person of good repute without regard to age or sex whose previous education is deemed adequate by the Council of Masters will be permitted as far as space permits.” -Bauhaus admissions policy “The ceramics and weaving workshops are well on their w...



Ep 22d: Publicity (Bauhaus)

Digital archive of the Bauhaus Books


 2021-02-14  27m

Ep 22c: You’re a Customer (Bauhaus)

“I believe it to be the best of all those I have made for such purposes [industrial manufacture].” -Otto Lindig “The new pieces are based on the basic stereometric forms, cubes and spheres, singly or combined they express their movement by their form,


 2020-12-27  38m

Ep 22b: Form Follows Function (Bauhaus)

Talking about Bauhaus architecture at Dessau


 2020-12-05  29m

Ep 22a: You Must Learn (Bauhaus) We know a lot about what it was like to be a student there– there were parties every weekend, they had a Bauhaus band that would play, a lot of dancing. They had a festivals, monthly balls, huge feasts,


 2020-08-26  26m

Ep 21: Sicko Mode (Moretto's St. Rochs)

Masque of the Red Death online Hagiography of St. Roch in·ter·ces·sor/ ˈin(t)ərˌsesər/ noun a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer. mon·strance /ˈmänstrəns/ noun (in the Roman Catholic Church) an open or transparent receptac...


 2020-04-20  54m

Ep 20: Indiana (Thomas Hart Benton’s Indiana Murals)

Why was Thomas Hart Benton's 1933 world's fair entry controversial? Find out!


 2020-01-15  27m

Ep 19: Dirty Money (Nan Goldin & the Opioid Epidemic)

What's Nan Goldin's activism all about? Check it out!


 2019-12-28  27m

Ep 18e: Flossin’ (Las Meninas)

How is Las Meninas an image of wealth, power, and labor?


 2019-10-07  20m

Ep 18d: King Sh*t (Las Meninas)

How can we see Las Meninas as a meditative tool for the king? Find out!


 2019-09-12  21m